Ballarat’s $7.48 million library redevelopment now complete

April 7th, 2024Ballarat’s $7.48 million library redevelopment now complete

The Ballarat Library’s first major redevelopment and expansion since 1993 is now complete.
The Atrium – featuring pendant lighting and tiered seating will make this area a unique venue for small events, author talks and speakers

The Ballarat public library’s first major redevelopment and expansion since 1993 is now complete.

The $7.47million redevelopment of the library, located at Doveton Street North, includes an expansion of the second level of the building, a new entrance, purpose-built teaching areas, quiet areas, open space, as well as specialised children and family areas.

Library staff will nw be operating a reduced programming schedule for a few months to allow library staff to continue setting up at the new facility – as such, some programs that community members regularly attend may not be running during this time.

The building uses as many natural products as possible, to keep the footprint as neutral as possible.

The main library floor is called Marmoleum. It is a natural material made from linseed oil, while the carpet squares in high traffic areas are made from natural goat hair fibres.

The lighting around the perimeter of the building has in-built sensors so lights turn themselves off where enough natural light is detected, as an energy saving feature.

All the lighting is sensor controlled and turns off when no movement is detected for a period of time.

The community kitchen includes a low-energy use induction stove top and natural stone benchtop.

Filament for the 3D printers in the Maker Space is a natural corn starch/sugar cane derivative, so it is biodegradable.

Any waste filament will be thermally processed to be used in other products, such as chopping boards, by arrangement with Ballarat Hacker Space.

The redeveloped community asset has retained its car park.

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