Blizzards, ferret bites,         all in a day’s work

October 10th, 2020Blizzards, ferret bites, all in a day’s work

It’s not very often you’ll see an ad saying “Photographer Wanted” but back in May 2015 while reading The Local one magically appeared before my eyes.

As I was between major international advertising campaigns and glamorous fashion assignments I thought why the hell not, so sent an email to Kyle. Within minutes the phone rang, we negotiated a rate of about a slab of beer per job and I’m off on my first gig photographing a couple who had made the tree change from Melbourne.

The next thing I know I’m in the back of a ute in the Daffodil Day parade, below. Over the past five years there have been many interesting and fun jobs. I’ve lost blood to a ferret, been caught in blizzards, stung by bees, worked with wonderful people and taken some shots I’m really proud of.
Congratulations to Donna and Kyle for 200 editions, surely there will be many more and I look forward to being involved in them.

Words: David White

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