Candidates put up            their hands

September 28th, 2020Candidates put up their hands

MORE than 2000 candidates have nominated for 622 council vacancies in 298 separate elections around Victoria next month.

As of the close of nominations, 26 of the 298 individual elections were uncontested, where the number of candidates is equal to the number of vacancies. Voters in these uncontested elections will not be required to vote.
Meanwhile, in Hindmarsh Shire Council’s East Ward, an insufficient number of candidates nominated to fill the vacancies while no nominations were received to fill the single-councillor vacancy for South West Ward in Northern Grampians Shire Council. By-elections to fill the vacancies will be held at a later date.

Local council elections will be held in Victoria by post in October 2020 with voters in each council receiving a ballot pack in early October. The roll closed for this election at 4pm on Friday, August 28 and candidate nominations closed at noon on Tuesday, September 22. Voting closes at 6pm on Friday, October 23.

Hepburn Shire Council candidates, in ballot paper order, are:

Birch Ward (2 vacancies)

Fiona Robson, Celia Waldron, Lesley Hewitt, Jen Bray, Gary Carter and Anne E Stewart

Cameron Ward (1 vacancy)

Tessa Halliday, Dorothy Russell and Nicholas Ayres-Wearne

Coliban Ward (1 vacancy)

Brian Hood, Licia Kokocinski and Ethan Brown

Creswick Ward (2 vacancies)

Tim Drylie, Don Henderson and Stuart Jonas

Holcombe Ward (1 vacancy)

John Cottrell, Daniel McMillan, Bill McClenaghan and Juliet Simpson

Macedon Ranges Shire Council candidates are:

East Ward (3 vacancies)

Deborah Alford-Kerr, Geoff Neil, Bill West, Annette Death, Henry Bleeck and Natasha Gayfer

South Ward (3 vacancies)

Rob Guthrie, J. S. Amenta, Dominic Bonanno, Anne Moore, Adrian Gauci, Graham Hackett and Christine Walker

West Ward (3 vacancies)

Mark Ridgeway, Hayden Walsh, Jennifer Anderson, Janet Pearce, Wes Turner, Brian Wilson, Diana Abruzzi and Lenka Thompson

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