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November 10th, 2022ChillOut tix

Tickets are now on sale to all major events at ChillOut Festival 2023.

Tickets are now on sale to all major events at
ChillOut Festival 2023.
Festival director Emma Ireland said 2023 would
include all the favourite events like Pool Party, All Ages
Sound Shell, Bush Dance, Ballroom Blitz and Carnivale.
“Last year we learnt that having outdoor parties
works really well in Daylesford, and we’re having
Ballroom Blitz, Bush Dance and Poof Doof at Victoria
Park again.
“This also means that we can grow our festival each
year – so we really will have something for everyone. On
the Friday Night, our favourite corporate queen Karen
From Finance will be performing her one woman show
Doing Time in the Ballroom at the Town Hall, while
Ballroom Blitz will be at Victoria Park.
“One of our new events that I’m really excited about is Hey Hunny!. It’s is an
all-femme dance night that will get you laughing and flipping up your skirt on the
Events include:
Ballroom Blitz | Friday 10 March | 8pm – midnight | Victoria Park;
Karen From Finance is Doing Time | Friday 10 March | 7pm | Daylesford Town
Pool Party | Saturday 11 March | 11am – 5pm | Daylesford Pool;
Hey Hunny! Saturday 11 March | Daylesford Town Hall | 7pm to 1am;
Bush Dance | Saturday 11 March | 8pm – midnight | Victoria Park;
Carnivale: Sunday 12 March – Victoria Park; and
Poof Door After Party: Sunday 12 March – Victoria Park – 7pm to midnight
Tickets: www.chilloutfestival.com.au

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