Clunes Show hits 160 – with a modern twist

November 13th, 2022Clunes Show hits 160 – with a modern twist

WHEN it comes to classic country shows, Clunes is right up there.

WHEN it comes to classic country shows, Clunes is right up there.
Coming up Saturday, November 19, the Clunes Show is a calendar
highlight for locals and those who love a genuine country show.
This time celebrating its 160th anniversary, this little ripper of a show delivers on
that vibe in spades. There’s something for everyone on a program that features wood
chopping, tug of warring, ladies’ wood splitting, gumboot throwing, keg tossing,
dog jumping, ferret racing, live music, local food and wine and even an inaugural
strongman exhibition.
That’s just a bit of a taster, as the line-up also features all of those other show day
classics – equestrian ring events, livestock and primary produce, home crafts, baking,
and the Clunes Bute Ute comp that’s celebrating its 25th anniversary.
“I think we’ve just got a fantastic committee,” society president Jenny Redpath
said. “Our members range from their early 20s to their 80s so you’ve got your
knowledge there but also new ideas. We like to keep the traditions – from the horses
to the crafts, knitting, and baking, and the stock all on show. This year we’ve also got
the Midland Axemen coming to do a couple of demos for us.
“And we’re having a strongman event which will involve pulling a tractor. It’s for
different ages, male and female, and different weight categories. One of our local boys
has put it together and it’s linking in with some of the gyms in Ballarat.”
Jenny says that while a lot of the crowd-pleasing activities for which the Clunes
show is loved have been there “for as long as I can remember” this year’s strongman
demo and virtual reality header simulator are just two of several new attractions.
Marking the 160th anniversary also makes this year’s show a special one, with
an anniversary timeline produced by Clunes historian Robert Campbell, noting a
highlight for each year of the event since its earliest beginnings with a ploughing
match way back in 1858. There’s also a newly produced book acknowledging past and
present members available to purchase on show day.
Show day is also a chance to support both the Clunes Fire Brigade and the Clunes
Cricket Club which will join forces to offer breakfast from 7am.
Link: www.clunesshow.com.au | Words: Eve Lamb

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