Coles Woodend –          Legends of Lockdown

August 24th, 2020Coles Woodend – Legends of Lockdown

STAFF at Coles Woodend have been nominated as The Local's Legends of Lockdown.

The Local received a number of emails saying the staff have remained friendly and polite throughout these trying times.
“I talked to one staff member, at Click & Collect, and they said they sometimes received abuse because they didn’t have certain products available or had to offer substitutes but they remain unfailingly polite – and always have a ready smile,” one Woodend resident wrote.
“I can’t believe that anyone would be anything but kind right now, and I think the staff that make it through each potentially difficult day deserve to be recognised.”
Another shopper, a Drummond resident, singled out the deli section, saying staff there were particularly helpful.
“They always serve with me a smile and nothing is too much trouble. And I know it must be hard with people standing on those dots and not realising if they need a number or not to get served. Nothing seems to faze them. Well done to everyone.”

Coles Woodend manager Mark Birkett said he was very proud of his entire team and pleased they had been given recognition by customers for their service and friendliness through a potentially difficult time.
Mark, who moved to the store just five weeks ago from managing Coles Deer Park, said the store had always had a good reputation for friendly staff and being a great supermarket.
“I have only been here a short time but I am already very proud of the team. And I am loving being back in the country. I am Ballarat born and bred, so a country boy at heart.”
Mark said his team would “100 per cent” enjoy that they are thought of as Legends of Lockdown. “They are a great team and all deserve recognition for what they do.” And customers agree!

Image: Photo taken at the opening of the new Coles Woodend in November 2018.

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