Daylesford Bowling Club

December 13th, 2021Daylesford Bowling Club

Saturday Pennant Season 2021/22 Results - Round 9 - 11th December 2021

Division 2 – Daylesford 88 (16 Points) defeated Creswick 69 (2 Points)

A.  Bremner, D. Bull, L. Hedwards, P. Torpey 23/18  R. Marshall, K. Marshall, K. Gibson, B. Watson 24/9

G .Coffey, M.A. Tate, S. Stupavski, W. Silbereisen 16/19 R. Irving, L. Wigmore, W. Bull, R.Poxon 25/23


Division 4 – Daylesford 58 (Nil Points)  lost to Victoria 100 (18 Points)

A. Trevorrow, B. Yanner, J. Anglin, J. Grant 17/20 R. Barron, N. Botheras, M. Coffey, A. Chatfield 14/21

J. Gillies, W. Goodwin, T .Dawson, D. Field 10/38

B. Bavin, M. Evers, T .Goodwin, P. Wigmore 17/21

Division 8  (14 Points) received a Forfeit from Ballan



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