Daylesford Post Office – Legends of Lockdown

September 14th, 2020Daylesford Post Office – Legends of Lockdown

LUKE Zu and Steve Mason from Daylesford Post Office are the latest nominations for Legends of Lockdown.

The pair, who have been wearing masks and gloves long before anything was mandated, have been kept more than just busy, with many businesses pivoting to operating online and many people at home shopping online.
And social distancing means it all takes that little extra time.
But customers have been appreciating the service.
“Iā€™d like to nominate the guys at the Daylesford Post Office. These two have been working tirelessly, always cheerful and helpful even when the parcels are piling up around their ears, which they often are. Their load has been huge, but nothing is ever a problem.
“I reckon they are Legends of Lockdown.”
Another wrote: “Daylesford Post Office is a real lifeline during these days of lockdown. My business is now purely online and my sales all happen through the post office.
“The guys there have been great, offering advice on the best way to send my products, and always have a smile and a personal greeting.
“They are also very safety conscious and always checking they have the right number of people inside, which is difficult when people pop around corners to address envelopes or sometimes come in the back way. Well done to them both, legends for sure.”

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