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March 29th, 2021Design with Indre

Warmth by fire Stoking the fire the other night actually made me sad that winter is rolling around already after a very brief and cool summer, but then I remembered, it is arguably the best time of the year.

Falling coloured leaves with oversized jumpers, blankies, a warm hot chocolate and a cosy fire.
Chilly evenings outside under a starry sky are even better next to an outdoor pit fire. Before you say, hold on, it’s still fire danger period and we can’t light fires, you actually can, provided you follow the guidelines. A barbeque, campfire or fire for warmth or comfort is permitted if the wind is less than 10km/hr. A good gauge is when leaves and twigs are in constant motion, the wind speed is greater than that.

It must be in a properly constructed fireplace or trench at least 30cm deep. Stone, concrete or metal is best. Have nothing flammable within 3m from the fire perimeter or 1m of the highest point of the fire. The fire must be smaller than 1m2 with a person in attendance at all times whilst the fire is alight. Water to fully extinguish the fire must also be handy.
This fire pit area need not be fancy. It certainly can be grand with polished marble or granite, built-in stone carved seating with a water feature and fancy lighting. It can also be a dug out earthen pit ringed with stones out in the open.
Whatever your taste and purse size, take advantage of the evening bird song whilst the mozzies and march flies will be dying off in the cooler temperatures. Put a sausage or cob of corn on a stick and let the kids cook their own dinner. A bit of Bear Grylls adventuring never hurt anybody. It saves you getting up, fussing, or washing up. Dessert is a marshmallow on the same greasy stick. It’s what a childhood outdoor evening is all about. Perfectly relaxing and a great way to enjoy the autumnal cool and still weather that we love so much. Oh, did I say hot chocolate? I meant hot toddy.
For extra clarification visit the cfa.vic.gov.au website and search “Can I or Can’t I” to find out what’s allowed during fire danger periods or on Total Fire Ban days.
Indre Kisonas – owner and principal designer- iok design
indre@iokdesign.com.au | www.iokdesgn.com.au

Fire restrictions have ended in Macedon Ranges Shire and will end in Hepburn Shire on April 6.

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