Dianne: Really connecting the community

October 10th, 2020Dianne: Really connecting the community

When Kyle and Donna asked me to write a piece for the 200th edition about how I started working with them, I really didn’t know how I would form the words that would show my appreciation to them both for taking me on as a member of the crew.

When I moved up to Trentham from Melbourne with my husband Phil about six years ago, I was just starting out as a graphic designer, not having much experience at all, fresh out of studying my part-time course.
After reading The Local, I thought that it came across as very approachable and friendly, and community-oriented, and I wanted to be part of the community.
Upon deciding to contact TL to see if I could possibly do a few weeks of work experience, or just simply help out, I listened to Kyle’s voice message which said, “I’m out on the field at the moment….”
In my ignorance, I didn’t know what “on the field” meant. I thought he must be a farmer too and was out in the paddock rounding up some sheep. Little did I know about the industry, he was actually out talking to advertisers, or taking photos for a story.

Kyle and Donna took a chance hiring me and welcomed me into their world of TL. Started me off with doing adverts which progressed to writing a few dining reviews, doing the odd TL cover, delivering the publication to outlets, and then the other BIG stuff, helping to establish House.Land.Home. which started off as an A5 stand-alone publication. Donna and Kyle worked tirelessly to launch this next phase of their business.
My contribution has seen some quiet times and very busy times. Lately it’s been a hive of activity with TL changing to a weekly publication and launching the refurbished website and business listing. It’s been great being part of this exciting next phase of the TL journey.
The community has embraced The Local as their information stream because it includes local people with local stories and local staff. It’s a win-win all round having this publication for the community.
Thank you, Donna and Kyle, for including me in your Local crew, it’s sure been a learning curve for me. Enjoy celebrating your 200th edition.
Words: Dianne Caithness

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