Easter musings from St Andrews Creswick

May 8th, 2022Easter musings from St Andrews Creswick

Easter musings from St Andrews Creswick

In the nocturnal stillness before dawn.
We didn’t know what we would experience on Easter morn.
“Gather at the lake” we were told, “Be there at 6.30am”
Briefly consider giving it a miss,
bed was comfortable and there was always a later service.
Make a hot drink and grab a warm coat.
Travelling on the road silhouettes of trees began to appear
on the Brackenbury ridge;
must stop and take a photo, and stop again,
dawn was coming fast,
quickly though, or you’ll miss the sunrise at the lake.
Folk spilling down to the lake shore
with chairs and coats and picnic baskets,
greeting one another;
anticipation and excitement in the air.
A solo figure glides across the water,
a black swan;
I don’t remember often seeing swans here
and think about exception, place and belonging.
A fire is lit,
and we gather around to tell the resurrection story,
dawn has broken,
and a beautiful glow is over the lake
and arching across the sky.
High above a flock of black cockatoos call out
heading west,
I count them;
I feel reassured at their presence.
A gusty wind blows scattering sparks and embers,
a little murmur is heard,
“better stamp out those embers”
some of us watchful.
A bystander greets us,
comments in a humorous way about their expectation,
when recognising, from a distance, a gathering of Christians,
they expected to hear familiar words,
an old familiar tune being sung.
When the scripture is read,
the prayers said
the time of reflection had,
an ageless pastime is enjoyed,
a shared meal,
barbequed by the lake,
prepared by friends toiling together.
The night melted into familiar shapes,
the sky lit rosy,
nature’s power soared above,
fire sparked,
prayers joined ancient prayers,
gusting wind awoke hope,
water of change lapped the shore,
gathered community greeted Christ risen.

By the lake (A reflection by Alison Andrews)

St Georges Lake, Creswick
Image: Reverend Rosemary Carter

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