Manicured hedonism

February 7, 2020 - 9:00 am to 6:00 pmManicured hedonism

FESTIVAL No. 23 is an “adult-focused art and music festival with the intention to leave better than you came,” organiser Matthew Bonner says.

Matthew, who has been involved in events for 30 years, said there was definitely a party element to the festival, to be held from February 7 to 9, but there was also a strong wellness component with workshops, along with interactive art and installations.

“Part of the grant was used to work with Stockroom in Kyneton so we could have a bunch of local artists bringing sculpture and light installations to the festival.”

Matthew said ticket sales had been going well and he expected between 600 and 700 people to take part in the inaugural festival to be held at Lancemore Macedon Ranges.

The festival’s website says the weekend will leave people “refreshed, not ruined”.

“Our intention is to create a middle ground between a decadent bush doof and a spiritual retreat experience so that people don’t have to pick and choose, but can enjoy both. We invite you to playfully experiment with the two extremes, for a more holistic and rewarding experience.

“Imagine indulgent sophistication dancing hand-in-hand with a carefully crafted line-up of exciting electronic music acts, art and DJs. Well-manicured hedonism with a quietly spiritual bent; and a carefully cultured appreciation of art, music, workshops and food. This is a step away from the traditional bush doof. Next level, new format.”

The website says the number 23 appears in many contexts as a number of significance.

“For us, it’s homage to the pioneering days of rave in the UK, and the incredible Spiral Tribe, leaders of the late 80s free party scene, who are still flying the flag for electronic music as a force for social change. It’s a reminder of why we partake in festivals for music, community and freedom of expression. We re-appropriate it here as a reminder of that innovative spirit and DIY ethos.”

Tickets range from $224 including free camping. Hotel rooms, already booked out, were $924 but did not include festival entry. There are also luxe glamping tents from $438 to $719.

Link: www.festival23.com.au

Above, Stockroom’s Jason Waterhouse’s new series of house forms from steel pipe, Folly, will be randomly placed throughout the sloped lawn next to the dam

Words: Donna Kelly | Image: Stockroom

When: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
February 7, 2020
Where: Lancemore Macedon Ranges.

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