Floyd finds forever home

December 13th, 2020Floyd finds forever home

FLOYD first appeared in The Local's Pick Me, pick me column in May. He announced to the world: "I am a charming playful guy looking for an indoor, solo cat home. I am FIV positive, so I need a bit of extra care to keep me healthy. FIV can lower the effectiveness of my immune system when I am stressed but generally cats with the disease can live normal lifespans. I’m worth the effort because I am social and confident."

But despite his plea it seemed no-one wanted Floyd. That was until he made another appearance a couple of months back. Kyneton resident Maggie saw him again and couldn’t believe he had not been adopted.
Despite her partner Peter declaring “no more cats”, Maggie told him the adoption was going ahead. The back story is that the couple had been given a cat 24 years prior and told she was neutered. Two months later that idea was gone with Muttie starting to show a rounded tummy. A vet confirmed the diagnosis and asked Peter if he would like to feel two growing kittens. He agreed and was hooked, but determined to find them good homes.

Twenty-one years later the couple had to euthanise Muttie and, in the same year, her two 19-year-old kittens. Maggie and Peter were devastated.
“It destroyed us and we decided no more cats but then I saw Floyd. And he is the most divine, affectionate cat who gives the most magnificent head butts, has about 10 designated beds around the house and likes to have pan-fried salmon when we have salmon. His meows are very loud then,” Maggie said.
“Peter was a little apprehensive about the FIV but they were very upfront and honest about that and he was reassured. I have nursed people with that disease and it doesn’t bother me at all. So what?
“And Peter came along to pick up Floyd and said ‘hasn’t he got the most beautiful eyes’ and I hear him talking to Floyd and patting him. We are just so glad we have Floyd – we are the lucky ones.”
Maggie said she wanted to thank the staff at the Mount Alexander Animal Welfare centre and express the couple’s gratitude.
“The staff there are just fabulous and as soon as I knew that Robyn Slattery (manager) and vet Yvette Berkeley (Castlemaine Vet Clinic) were involved I was really happy. I know them both and they are just wonderful.
“Robyn said the staff would really miss Floyd but they would be happy he was going to a good home. We are just so happy to have him in our home.”

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