Footballs and netballs keeping juniors busy

March 30th, 2020Footballs and netballs keeping juniors busy

THE Hepburn Football Netball Club is keeping its juniors busy with footballs and netballs being home delivered to every player.

President Jason Dooley said the club had decided on the action at an emergency committee meeting a few weeks ago after hearing that training would end due to social distancing rules.

The move is being implemented by Peter Pedretti, the club’s under 12s football coach and club treasurer.

Peter asked the juniors to contact him directly and let him know if they want to take up the offer, and so far about 90 per cent had taken up the offer with Peter buying about 60 netballs and 100 footballs and personally delivering them.

Jason said the club felt it had to devise a plan because one of the main concerns was mental health and specifically the mental health of the kids.

“So we decided that we would buy all our kids and oz-kickers a new football or netball each, so as in self isolation they could keep a ball in their hands and keep sharpening up their skills and to make them feel the love from the club and let them know how special they are.

“Our hands are tied as to what we can do for the kids, but this is a small thing we can do, and it might lift their spirits a bit. That has certainly been the reaction we are getting. The parents and kids alike have been thankful, over the moon, appreciative and even emotional.”

Any juniors who are yet to receive a football or netball can contact Peter on 0419 320 961.

Words: Kyle Barnes | Image: Contributed

From left, Paige, Chad and Heidi Torrance are very happy with their football and netballs

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