Free workshop on overcoming mouse phobia

May 27th, 2024Free workshop on overcoming mouse phobia

As autumn settles in the Central Highlands, so does the occasional uninvited guest - the field mouse.

As autumn settles in the Central Highlands, so does the occasional uninvited guest – the field mouse.

While some may brush off their presence, for others it triggers a phobia of mice or musophobia which is an irrational fear that can overwhelm. Musophobia, one of the most prevalent phobias, affects a significant portion of the population.

For those grappling with this fear, it’s far more than a mere inconvenience; it’s a serious challenge that can disrupt daily life and cause considerable distress.

Enter Deanne Cooper (pictured above) an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, dedicated to mental wellness. She offers a solution with a free community workshop on Thursday, May 30, from 1pm to 2.30pm at her studio – The Pond Room, 80 Patterson Street, Daylesford.

“EFT works by tapping on specific points of the body to release accumulated stress and tension,” Deanne explains.

“This process sends signals to the brain, informing it that the stress response is no longer necessary. As a result, the body can relax, and individuals often experience a reduction in feelings of stress and anxiety.”

During the workshop, Deanne will demonstrate how EFT can address the fear of mice, empowering participants to feel at ease.

“Participants will come away from the workshop not only with a new-found sense of freedom from their phobia but also equipped with the tools to release any future or anticipated trauma stemming from their fear of mice.

“This empowering experience promises to offer lasting relief and a path to reclaiming control over their emotional well-being.”

Drawing from her expertise as a life coach, trauma-informed therapist, and practitioner of various healing techniques, Deanne creates a safe and judgment-free space for individuals to thrive.

“My approach is rooted in gratitude and positive psychology,” Deanne emphasises. “I believe in releasing blame, shame, and guilt, empowering individuals to embrace their true selves.”

Deanne’s own journey to mental wellness began when she realized chronic fear and anxiety were taking a toll on her health.

This resulted in a premonition that she would die if she didn’t change the way her mind was working. Determined to change, she embarked on years of study and exploration, which led her to EFT.

“It fast-tracked everything,” Deanne recalls.

“I completed advanced practitioner training, combining EFT with life coaching and other trauma informe and somatic modalities to cater to individual needs.”

With a spiritual foundation guiding her practice and lived experiential wisdom that helps people get truly transformative results, Deanne invites the community to explore what she can offer on their mental wellness journey.

Words & Images: Supplied

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