Hepburn Primary School: care and support

May 18th, 2020Hepburn Primary School: care and support

HEPBURN Primary School is the combination of a supportive community, talented and caring teaching staff

HEPBURN Primary School is the combination of a supportive community, talented and caring teaching staff and a real sense of inclusiveness and student connectedness. As I stated when I was first appointed as principal, Hepburn Primary School is the hidden gem of the area.

Student enrolments have increased over the past few years. This has meant we are able to provide students with the opportunities of a larger school, but remain small enough to maintain connections on an individual level. 

The school is currently operating four classrooms. We are in the fortunate position of being able to offer below-average class sizes.

The students have access to specialist programs in music, art, drama, physical education, library and Italian. We also offer the Extending Mathematical Understanding specialised mathematics support program, and an increased allocation of the MiniLit and MacqLit specialised reading support programs.

The implementation of clubs has been a positive initiative. During certain terms, the children select a club to be part of. This semester included knitting, drama, creative media, bike education and Eco Warriors.

Programs implemented over the years such as Cook in a Box, Move Dream Create, Robotics and private music tuition have enhanced engagement and have allowed students to flourish in a variety of curriculum areas.

The children have an extensive camp program. Camping opportunities include Canberra Camp, Camp Wyuna, The Sovereign Hill Experience and the Lady Northcote camp.

Hepburn Primary School recently joined the Wathaurung Sport Cluster. This enables children access to athletics, cross-country, tennis, basketball, soccer, netball, football and swimming competitions and the opportunity to progress to higher levels.

The school runs a range of special purpose events, including the enormously popular Book Parade/Grandparents and Special Friends day, Mother’s Day afternoon tea, Father’s Day barbeque and Education Week activities. The annual Walkathon and Mini Fete has become a highlight of the year, as well as being keen participants in the Rotary Music Concert, The Swiss Italian Festa, family barbeques and an annual Christmas concert.

The above strengths and programs have been reflected in the annual Attitudes to School Survey. This is offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist schools in gaining an understanding of students’ perceptions and experience of school in Years 4, 5 and 6.

The results below validate the strategic work we as a learning community have been focusing our energy towards. The areas below placed the school at and above the state and similar schools and schools in our network in:

•      Sense of connectedness

•      Sense of inclusion

•      Advocate at school

•      Managing bullying

•      The teacher has high expectations for success

Over the past three years, significant resourcing provided by Equity funding, has resulted in staff having access to world-renowned educational consultants. Teachers have the greatest impact at school and are the school’s most valuable resource, so we invest in their development. The school provides a comprehensive curriculum across all learning areas, underpinned by literacy and numeracy. Significant investment in the area of Excellence in Teaching and Learning ensures evidence-based pedagogical approaches.

We continue to implement School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) and the Bounce Back social skills and welfare programs. Bounce Back promotes positive mental health and student wellbeing, providing students with practical strategies and life skills to handle challenges and adversity encountered.

Hepburn Primary School continues to promote the values of Respect, Perseverance and Kindness. These values are incorporated into learning programs, which develop the children’s social skills. The School Chaplain plays a vital role in coordinating this work. 

Hepburn Primary School has established transition programs with Hepburn Kindergarten and Daylesford College. The reading and play-based transition program between the local kindergarten and the Year 5/6 children is extremely rewarding for all involved. The local secondary school provides many opportunities each term for the Year 5/6 children to attend whole-day activities.

Prospective parents and caregivers are most welcome to contact the school on 5348 2342 for a tour.

– Robert Walsh, principal

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