Horoscopes August 14-28 with Jennifer Hart

August 14th, 2022Horoscopes August 14-28 with Jennifer Hart

Horoscopes August 14-28

All signs:

The month of August is a bit of a mixed bag, with the start of the month feeling a little crispier and the second half offering us a bit of a reprieve from the crunchiness. Beneficial Venus and Jupiter make a lovely and harmonious aspect on the 18th, showering us with opportunities for unity, warmth, and a better ability to rise to a challenge.

Action-oriented Mars moves into the sign of Gemini, where he will hang out until March of 2023. Owing to a retrograde cycle that takes place for this stimulating fiery planet, a typical 6-week journey through a zodiac sign is extended out to 7 months! Mars in Gemini generally speaking can mean that we are talking faster, consuming information at a blistering pace and wanting to multi-task at every opportunity. This might also indicate a time when our social filters are diminished, we are more likely to wound with our words. We might feel restless and fidgety, or we might feel the relief of Mars moving out of Taurus, when it might have felt like driving with the hand break on.

The Sun shifts into the observant, analytical and diligent sign of Virgo nearing the end of the month. Virgo is a sign associated with health, cleanliness, precision, and modesty. While the Sun lights up topics within our astrology charts that are unique to us, on the whole the archetypal attributes of the current Sun sign are a bit more prominent for us all. The Sun in Virgo might also be asking us where we can be more reserved, and how we might be of service to others, after traversing the more self centred sign of Leo. I think of it as a great time to be a quiet achiever, to put the trumpet down and just get the work done. Read on to see how you might harness the power of the planets in your life, if you know your rising sign, start there first.


You will especially need to be mindful of a quicksilver tongue with Mars moving into the part of your chart that governs communication. The opportunity for tense exchanges with siblings is increased for the next 7 months, try to be mindful that your words carry weight. On the positive side, you might find that ideas are flooding in thick and fast, a great time for writing, learning a new skill, using your hands more, there might be so much coming at you that you can’t choose what you want to do. Health and wellness enter the spotlight near the end of the month and offer plenty of opportunity to get some new health habits integrated into your daily routine. A great time to get organized and pay close attention to the details so that you might succeed and get your health where you would like it. At the very least, a perfect opportunity for a Spring cleaning.


The next seven months might see a time when money is coming in or going out a quicker pace, maybe both. A good time to keep an eye on your bank statements. You might feel more determined to grow your money, assets, or possessions at this time. Be mindful that the topic of personal finances, morals and values could be a hot-button issue with others, if you aren’t looking for an argument, it might be best to keep your plans and opinions to yourself for a little bit. The Sun is highlighting your creativity, romance, and all-around fun times until the end of September. You might pick up a new hobby or skill that requires great attention to detail, try not to be too critical if you aren’t a pro right off the mark. Practice makes perfect.


Determination, drive, and direction are headed your way with Mars moving into your sign, offering you a boost of energy and the ability to be more straightforward. Other people might find you too direct to the point of confrontational, but this might be a great time tackle projects and really propel yourself forwards in all aspects of your life. You might want things to go at light speed and could easily get frustrated with others that aren’t going at your pace. Family first might be your motto for the next four weeks, with home and family life coming to fore. Lovely times with your nearest and dearest are on the table for you as well as opportunities to brighten up your home.


A boost of bravery might be on the books for you, with a new inner conversation taking place that is pushing you to face your fears and get out of your comfort zone. Try to resist the temptation to bite off more than you can chew, focus on one area of life that you wish to be bolder at a time. Communication, thoughts, ideas, and short trips are brought into focus until the end of September. You might be more expressive, lively, and interested in sharing at this time too. Money and work might get a lovely lift and flow more easily to you around August 18th, with beneficial connections possible.


Money matters are on your mind for the next month or so, with opportunities to earn and grow your money likely to present themselves to you. If you have been struggling to find enough money lately this might be a welcome reprieve. Your desire to lead a group or organise events with friends is stoked over the next seven months. This might be a time when you aren’t keen to be a sheep but be the shepherd of the flock. The next seven months offer a time when you might be more willing to cut away from friendships or groups that are no longer mutually beneficial. Sometimes we grow apart from others naturally and sometimes there needs to be a conscious decision to walk away from a person or group that is taking more from us than we would like. If you haven’t had the courage to take such a step, this is your time.


If Virgo is your Sun sign, a very happy birthday to you! The Sun is casting a flattering light on you, helping you make a great first impression on other people. Which bodes well as Mars is bringing some ambition to your life direction and career until early next year. You might be more likely to blaze a trail, tackle a challenge or bravely put your hand up for a leadership role at work. The flip side of the coin is that you might not be interested in working with others, you might be too direct and find that you are cutting people out in order to get to the top. Virgo’s typically like to serve others, put their heads down and quietly achieve, this might be a very real departure for you to take centre stage. Try not to lose yourself, maintain your authenticity but embrace the boldness and chase down your dreams.


It’s the time of the year, that rolls around every year when you need to retreat into yourself and reflect on what you have achieved and where you are headed next. It might be a time when you are looking for solitude from others, enjoying your own company and generally feeling like a hermit. A great time for self-reflection and contemplation, a time to plot out your next course of action. Mars is bringing a desire for a modern-day crusade, a determination to learn more and expand your world. It might look like overseas travel, or it might look like higher education. Be careful that you don’t get overwhelmed by the options, Mars is going to be here for seven months, there is going to be time to explore many options in that time. Think of experiences and adventures that you would like to have and bravely, boldly go forth and have them.


Friendships, groups, and plans for your future are in the spotlight over the next few weeks. Opportunities to make new friends, meeting new people that you have shared goals or common interests with are on the horizon. There’s a connection with Mars in Gemini bringing energy to shared resources, it might be that you invest with others or pool your resources to achieve a long-term goal. Be warned that Mars can also bring conflict, arguments, and a bullish attitude. Best to be mindful who you tie your resources to, don’t give away too much of your power. If you find you are already in this quagmire, the next seven months can offer up the opportunities to rectify this power imbalance, making you feel braver and bolder to take back some control.


The Sun is casting a favourable light on you in your career or life’s direction, you will be better able to advance your agenda. This only happens once a year for four weeks, so do try to make the most of it. The Mars ingress is likely to increase your desire and passion in committed relationships, feisty and fiery but with the potential for combustion. You’ve got seven months of navigating Mars the war lord heating up your closest relationships. My advice is to remember to fight fair, and to choose your words carefully. The heat of Mars can make life steamy and spicy but highly flammable, just mind that you don’t get burned. If don’t currently find yourself in a committed relationship, try not to rush into one. You might be more likely to come across too strong, too quickly to someone new, if you want the spark to be a slow burn, cooler heads will prevail.


Your energy levels might be on the up and up over the next several months. Mars is giving you determination, drive, and desire to get your daily routines, health, and wellness to its peak. If you have had a goal that you’ve not been game enough to tackle in these arenas of your life, the next seven months can be a good time to be brave and take the plunge. If there is a challenge or competition that can help you reach your goals or just move off a plateau, grab it with both hands and let it help fuel your fire. Higher education, overseas travel, philosophy, and spirituality are highlighted until late September, giving you the opportunities to expand your horizons through these types of experiences.


Mars is giving a competitive edge to your weekend sporting endeavours for the rest of the year and into 2023. Or this might indicate a time when you are feeling more driven to pursue your hobbies, perhaps trying to turn one into a new career path. You might find that you take up several new hobbies or activities at this time, you might have too many to choose from or struggle to focus your energy on just one. Unfortunately, this period might also see you have a shorter fuse with children or find that they are testing your patience more than usual, try to keep your tolerance cap on. Insurance policies, taxes, and the earnings of your spouse are brought into the light from the end of the month. You might get a better deal, or your spouse might get a pay raise.


If you’ve been thinking of tackling any renovation projects around the house, or perhaps building a new one from scratch, this is a good time for you. You might feel a little overwhelmed by all the decisions that you need to make, but you will have the energy and direction to get things done. If you aren’t always concise decision maker, the next seven months might be a time when you are more confident to make bold choices where your home is concerned. You might want to be cautious of tensions within your family unit, fuses might be shorter than usual all the way into next year. Marriage, partnerships and committed relationships are getting a lovely boost though for the next few weeks. It’s a great time to strengthen ties with your partner so that you are better able to navigate any rough waters coming your way with your family.

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