Horoscopes August 1st to 14th                         with Jennifer Hart

July 31st, 2022Horoscopes August 1st to 14th with Jennifer Hart

Horoscopes August 1st to 14th with Jennifer Hart

All signs:

There are certain times of the year when it feels like the astrology is a little quiet and other times when it feels dynamic, intense, and raucous even, like when the Full moon takes place, and we notice that people seem more “out there” than usual. The end of July and into early August is such a time. There are a few major planetary interactions that most astrologers have their eyes on in 2022 to see how the collective reacts, or at least venture some educated guesses in order to help our clients navigate potentially rough waters, this is one of those.

On August 1st we see that action-oriented Mars is conjoining with rebellious Uranus, as well as the North Node of the Moon in this mix acting as an amplifier for this volatile energy. If you have been feeling like the world is swirling around in chaos and instability lately, this is looking like peak week. The last time these two planets came together was at the end of January 2021, right around the inauguration of the American President Joe Biden. Not only did we witness the rebellious nature of civilians hoping to disrupt and shake down the new appointee, but there were also some beautiful moments where new leaders emerged such as the glorious and poignant poem by Amanda Gorman. This time offers opportunity to act, have courage, and find our voice and lead but on the shadow side, we might be bullish, aggressive and reckless in our desire for defiance.

The second week of August brings with it Mars making a tense square aspect to structure-loving Saturn. Historically, over the past 2 years difficult aspects between these two planets in fixed signs have ushered in new variants and iterations coming though to do with our old mate the virus that shall not be named. I’m absolutely not trying to fear monger here, but this has been pretty spot on since 2020 and shows a consistently repeating pattern that you could just about set your watch to. My aim is to help people feel better prepared, so buckle up buttercups, that old beast is likely to rear its ugly head once more.

I will also be offering up suggestions to best use Mercury moving into one of its home signs of Virgo and Venus’ entry into the sign of Leo, where it will join the Sun. Read on to see how you might harness the power of these events in the sky, if you know your rising sign, start there first.


There might be an emphasis on health and wellness in the coming weeks, with a better ability to get yourself organized with daily routines. Now is the time to reprioritize your health, including mental health, and making sure that you are really taking care of yourself in order to thrive in your daily life. But remember that you don’t need to strive for perfection, if you don’t hit all your goals for the day, it doesn’t mean that you have failed miserably, dust yourself off and go again tomorrow. Happy times can be found within your hobbies, fun times with children and leisurely sporting activities. Issues around finances might feel a little tense around the middle of the month. You might meet someone or come across some information that could shake up your financial picture.


Connective and loving times at home and with your family are highlighted for you. These times might be fun and feisty, get out the board games and host a fun evening if you can. This is a great time to expand your hobbies, you want to engage your brain and stretch yourself over the next few weeks. If you have been curious about trying out something new in your down time, this is your shot to give it a go. Mid-August can also usher in a time when your desire for freedom and autonomy are high, making this an even better time to explore new ideas, hobbies, and activities on your own to allow for maximum growth.


Fun and exciting times with your siblings or neighbours are on the cards for you, if these are people that you connect with. Even if they aren’t this might be a good time to start and put yourself out there. The next few weeks also bring in a period of time when you might be better able to make a real estate deal, if you have been thinking about buying or selling. You will have a keener eye than usual to see a good opportunity or to make a beneficial deal in this arena. If you aren’t looking to climb the property ladder, get your label-maker out and hit the kitchen cupboards. This can be a great time for a pre-spring cleaning and getting your house organized.


This month, try to spend your money in a way that brings you some joy. With the cost of living seemingly forever on the rise, if you can swing it, you might want to buy something flashy or showy that makes you feel like royalty in the second half of the month. You are also in a time when you have the gift of the gab, you might be able to barter down that luxury item you’re thinking of buying. If you have had some bright ideas rattling around, get out your pen and paper and get them down. Great plans often start with an idea that you put into motion, this is a good time to get some of those ideas down and see what is worth pursuing.  


So much action going on in your sign this month, once Venus moves into your sign around the middle of the month you are blessed with a little more charm than usual, not that you need it! The start of the month shows a time when your financial picture gets some clarity. If you have been struggling with the increasing cost of being a human, this is a great time to set out a budget, balance the books or create that spreadsheet to keep track of where all your pennies are going. This can be a good time to find clarity on what you value most, what the financial priorities are and where you can cut back if you need to. August might also usher in a time when you meet someone that can help push your career forward.


You are still stuck on the charging station dear Virgo, needing to get that battery back up to 100% in preparation for the spotlight to be firmly on you in just a few weeks. You are quick-witted at the moment, feeling the need to analyse more than you usually do, you might find that your appetite for knowledge and learning is increased this month. If you can take time out to read a book, listen to a podcast or watch some documentaries on a subject that piques your interest, this is a great time to indulge a little. You might find that in your research you come across a new teacher or guru type figure to help you on your journey, especially if your interest in higher learning or spirituality is heightened right now.


The monkey mind is in full effect this month for you, with your cogs turning and a state of constant contemplation possibly interrupting your sleep. If you can make the effort to get your thoughts down on paper, you might be able to quiet the noise, or you might find that what comes out of your head is interesting and worth sharing with others. Times with friends and community can be good fun this month too, so it isn’t all bad, just make sure that you are getting your caffeine intake and you’ll be up for all the socialization. If you can gather your friends around for a night of games, competition, and good times you will quickly quiet that monkey mind. Espresso martinis all around!


A possible new partnership might be on the books for you this month, a business partner or romantic one if you are on the lookout for either. This month also has an emphasis on you career and life direction, maybe you have been setting some goals and thinking about how you can move things in a positive direction. The second half in of the month can help you find some love for what you do if you the passion has dwindled. This is also a good time to network within your community, you are better able to make deals and connections, maybe even with someone that you have considered a friend. Communicating your thoughts and goals can help you get where you want to go, you just never know who in your circle is able to help you.


You might be craving freedom from the mundane aspects of life and seeking an adventure. If you can’t get out of dodge, try shaking up your daily routine if possible. You might even find that arts and music can offer you some escape and immersion into a new culture, not quite the European holiday that you are lusting after, but better than nothing. You might also find that your communication skills at work are much improved this month, you might have plenty of bright ideas that are well conceived. This can be a good time to set some goals and think about where you would like your future to take you.


Partnerships can feel particularly supportive and encouraging from the middle of the month, you might find that any favours you seek are met with a resounding yes at this time. There might be some good news that comes your way regarding your taxes, debts, or insurance policies. This is a good time to re-assess these areas, you might find that you are able to get a better deal and save some money. August might also offer the opportunity to expand your world, if your desire to learn a new skill or take one of your hobbies to the next level, you might find that a new teacher or coach is at the ready to help you.


Relationships have been in the spotlight and will continue to be until the end of the month, the good news is that Venus will offer a helping hand from the second week of August. This is a serious boost to your love life, offering the opportunity to deepen your closest relationship and bring loving and connective times. If you’re out there looking for that special someone, Venus can lend a helping hand and you might find that the right person shows up at this time. On a more practical note, August offers up a time when you are able to look closely at your investments, taxes and insurance policies, with a keen eye to get a better deal.


Daily routines, your general health and wellbeing are highlighted until the third week of August, try to find some balance and ensure that you are looking after yourself. Eating well and getting enough rest are always important and this might be a time when you are more interested and likely to achieve the balance between looking after others and taking care of yourself. Communications with loved ones are strengthen this month, you might be able to get on the same page with your partner if it has felt like you are reading from different books. If you are out there looking for love, conversation is the order the day, deepening your connection with any prospects.

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