Horoscopes by Jennifer Atchison

June 19th, 2022Horoscopes by Jennifer Atchison

Horoscopes June 20th to July 4th

Horoscopes June 20th to July 4th

All signs:

With the Winter Solstice taking place on the 21st of June, we are about to pass the longest night of the year, signaling a lengthening of daylight hours in the lead up to spring. Saturn, the planet associated with duty, effort, and restraint has turned retrograde and is asking us to re-evaluate our boundaries, responsibilities, and obligations until late October 2022.

I’m also looking at the ingress of Venus into the sign of Gemini that happens on June 23rd and shifts into the next sign on the 18th of July. A window of time where you could find yourself hosting the most fabulous dinner party, enjoying the company of others with any sort of luscious surroundings. It’s also a time when we might be drawn into more Gemini-type accoutrements, such as books, stationary, or office supplies – everyone loves a little office supply top-up!

Also on the agenda is the Sun shining on/in the sign of Cancer and signaling the birthday season for our water ruled Cancerian friends! This turns our focus towards our homes, families and loved ones, and how we can protect and nurture these places and people that we hold dear. Read on to see how you might harness the power of the planets. If you know your rising sign, start there first.


Fair Venus is entering the area of your chart that deals with communication with others, as well as your thought process and ideas. I think this can be called the “Barry White Effect”, upping your charm and dare I say, sexiness. You might be more inclined to wax poetic and others will be pulled in by your wiles. While your efforts out in the world are well received, this is also a time to focus on your home and family, feeling the love and warmth that they can provide. It might be a time when you want to reassess how much time you spend at work or out in the community rather than at home.


You might have some extra cash to splash in the next few weeks, and who doesn’t love that? Opportunities to earn more money or increase assets are more abundant with Mercury moving in a forward motion again (it’s the planet in charge of your money sector). If you aren’t keen to part with your dollars, even giving your place good spruce with just elbow grease can be most satisfying. This is a month when mindfulness or positive affirmations can have a positive, helpful effect in your daily life. A window of time to make some changes to your inner chatter, it only pops up once a year and lasts for about a month.


This month sees a great time to balance the books or start investing your money. This theme continues with a four-month long window opened that is giving you the opportunity to scrutinize your major loans, taxes and getting your estate in order. Make the appropriate upgrades or amendments, it could pay out in dividends. Getting a better deal in these areas will be a little easier with Venus helping you out, making you more charming than usual! If you can swing it, pamper yourself this month, a wardrobe upgrade might be on the books or a trip to the salon for a new doo.   


Many happy returns to those born in the early weeks of Cancer season! Putting yourself first is top of the agenda, finding a little time to nurture or even challenge yourself in aid of self-expansion. Indulge in some alone time and reflect on how you’re travelling. It can be most satisfying to take stock and see how far you have come, give yourself some credit and show yourself a little love. It’s time to tackle some of the spaces that only you see (internally and externally) and do some beautification, you deserve it, it might help lift your spirits if you’re feeling a bit lack luster.


It’s time for a personal retreat Leo, especially if you’re feeling uninspired, tired, and burnt out. If you can get away to places that bring you happiness, to the beach, the woods, the movies, absolutely go. Get out of dodge, schedule some alone time or just Netflix and chill. It’s a four-week cycle in the year that’s asking you to fill your cup, because you can’t pour from an empty one. Your social calendar might be filling up fast, make sure that you are RSVPing to gatherings with people that will pump you up and not drain you. A glass of vino with your bestie can be the best medicine, the opportunity to have deep and meaningful conversations can give you that spark or spring back in your step.


Embrace social gatherings and time spent with your friends over the next few weeks, networking for work purposes can be lucrative at this time too. Setting yourself some goals relating to your work, career, or general life direction can be most helpful, offering you insights as to what or who you might require to push yourself in the best direction. Once you have that big picture goal in mind, it’s easier to work backwards to figure out the steps that you need to take in order to get where you would like to go. Keep this in mind as those networking/social engagements play out. Reassessment of your daily routine could also be helpful in reaching these goals, to ensure that you’re spending your time wisely and not wasting this precious commodity.


Finding time to expand your mind can be most rewarding at this time. Immersing yourself in the arts, literature, or religious studies can be a fascinating journey that might also offer you some escape from the stress points in your life currently. Work, career, and life direction are highlighted for you while the Sun traverses the sign of Cancer. While the spotlight is flattering, it might highlight the need to enjoy your career and what you spend so much of your energy doing or working towards. This is a time to be clear about what direction you see yourself heading towards, if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you realize when you have arrived?


This is the time of year that you want to stretch yourself out, more in a mental type of way as opposed to your hamstring, if you catch what I’m trying to say. Deep conversations around philosophy, spiritual practices or more structured religion might offer some clarity if you are interested in shining a light. This is also an ideal time to review aspects of your life that are more down to Earth, such as investments, insurance policies, estate planning and getting your books ready for tax time. If you’re in need of re-financing or any type of approval from a lending institution, you might viewed more favorably at this time.


Take time this month to indulge in your passions, what has been playing on your mind consistently or often enough that you want to give into it and have a go? Passion projects might lead you to interesting places or to fascinating people. If you are looking for love, Venus has entered the part of the Zodiac that speaks to relationships and partnerships for you, passion projects indeed. If you are currently committed to someone, this is a joyful time to connect and deepen the bonds within your relationship. Be mindful that the time spent together is more about quality and not necessarily quantity.


Health and wellness are highlighted for you, the opportunity to investigate new ways to take care of yourself are ripe. What new technology, apps or tracking systems can you implement to get focused on your goals? Agreeable new people might come into your life at this time too, possibly making for a more harmonious workplace. Relationships are also in the spotlight, asking you to find balance between taking care of you (inside and out) and taking care of the needs of your partner. If it’s been feeling like a see-saw situation, it’s easier to find balance and allow yourself to shine as brightly as you deserve.


You might be feeling like you are emerging out of hibernation, like you’ve been warm and cozy in front of the fire and now you want to get ready to emerge into spring. A new daily routine, cleaning up your diet and implementing an exercise routine can help you feel like you are kicking goals. Remember that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy and you will want to play just as hard as you want to work. Leisure activities, creative projects, and time spent playing with children will help lift your spirits and bring more fulfillment than usual this month. Get curious and use your grey matter, if you can take a hobby course at this time, I would highly recommend it.


You might be more inclined to spend the rest of the winter season rugged up, enjoying the comforts of home, reading a good book. This can be a great time to tidy up and de-clutter your pad, invite others over for lovely gatherings and scintillating conversation. If you can take time out from the obligations of daily life and indulge in creative endeavors, it might be an inspiration to others as well, to see that you can find balance between being a responsible adult and having some fun. Beautification of your space can also bring you happiness, or a new coffee machine, coffee will always help to spark joy.

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