Horoscopes July 4 to 18 with Jennifer Hart

July 3rd, 2022Horoscopes July 4 to 18 with Jennifer Hart


All signs:

We are finally on the right side of winter here, past the longest night of the year and looking forward to the Sun rising a little earlier each morning. This fortnight I’ll be looking to Mars moving into the sign of Taurus, as well as the trickster Mercury moving into the sign of Cancer, both happening on July 5th.

Mars in Taurus can be like driving with the hand-break on, not conducive to getting where you want to go quickly, but perhaps when you slow down, you can have a look out the window instead of being hyper focused on the road.

Mercury in Cancer can be a little overwhelmed by the water, making it a time when expressing yourself can be important. Mercury in Cancer is asking us to really listen instead of waiting for our turn to talk. This is a good placement for indulging in a little nostalgia or exploring your family ancestry. It can be a little melancholic, try to get your vitamin D dosage in and take your giggles where you can get them. Read on to see how you might harness the power of the planets. If you know your rising sign, start there first.

This is a lovely time to kick off some financial plans, you have the drive and the energy to get something going this month. Traditionally Mars wants to go full speed ahead and can be a bit of a flash in the pan kind of situation but moving into your money sector in the sign of Taurus might offer you some longer-term prospects. Where you call home is also in the spotlight right now, a great time to buy or sell property or even sign contracts for any home renovations that you have been wanting to do. A balance between home, family and your work, career is on the cards. Where do you need to make adjustments in order to find that harmonious balance? Don’t be afraid to speak up at home and voice your opinion on these matters.


The speed demon Mars is giving you a big nudge this month, and we all know that you don’t like to be rushed! This is a nice energy boost that can give you some extra motivation, help you kick some goals or at least set some. This revving of the engines can be helpful if you are looking to do some exercise and blow off a little steam. If you’ve been considering education on any level, this is can be a window to help you find that right program, teacher, or institution to get you where you want to go. You have the capacity to take your time digging deep into philosophies and ideas as well as having conversations of substance and depth.


The month of July can be an illuminating one for you on an internal level. This can be a revealing and helpful time if you’re ready to face your fears, scrutinize what’s holding you back and decide what you really want from your life. Confronting your foibles can be heavy stuff, I know. Look for signs, serendipity, déjà vu, messages in dreams to point you to a path if you are feeling lost. In the more material matters of life, your financial picture is looking rosier. Business opportunities, new ventures or ideas might worm their way into your purview. Seek out some independence from others if you can or adjust partnership contracts. Your eyes are adept at sifting through the fine print at this time where money and assets are concerned.


Opportunities to take on leadership roles within groups you are associated with may present themselves to you this month. This is also an excellent time to initiate a long-term project that you might previously have viewed as being too much, but your full of courage and motivation now. Mind that you aren’t too pushy with your point of view, being a team player could be a struggle. While you are typically someone that is more about looking after and nurturing others, you might be more inclined to take some time out for yourself, to do things just for you. Grand plans and ideas might be free flowing, ways in which you can best get where you want to be. Make any adjustments necessary to your relationships so that you can shine your brightest.


You’ve got some energy coming in to help you with your career path, to give some motivation and strategies. It might be that you are more passionate about what you’re doing or more inclined to take action. On the more personal side, your mind is being turned inward to reflect and refresh before the Leo birthday season rolls around. Behind the scenes, you might find that you’re trying to help your head and your heart reconnect. This is also a time when you could make some adjustments to achieve goals around your health, wellness, and daily routines. If you aren’t feeling very successful, this is a time to look at where you would like to be and how you can get on the right pathway.


If you have been working on a project to do with publishing, marketing, broadcasting, tertiary education, international business, or travel Mars is going to give you that boost to help you get across the finish line. You might have more persistence and motivation, even to begin a project in one or more of these areas. You might also find that this month you are keen to start sharing your ideas with friends, groups, and organizations within your community. I know that being out in the public eye isn’t your happy place, but you have so much to offer others with your knack for discernment, ability to analyse, and zero in on what is of quality. Now is the time to share your insights with the world.


The month of July can see that you are able to collaborate with others in order to create more stable resources for yourself. Perhaps some grant money or even inheritance turns up to help you out but it likely won’t come without some friction or arguments over the terms and conditions. Be mindful of the horse that you hitch your wagon to, you don’t want to wind up giving your power away to someone else. In terms of your career path, you are more likely to make some solid decisions, have great ideas, be more open to conversations with others and take feelings into account. Your intuition might be able to lead you down a path that is helpful, not all decisions made with the heart are reckless.


Changes around relationships might be on the way, not just marriage/romantic relationships but also business partnerships. You might find that this month sees you more passionate within this scenario, if you aren’t attached to someone then you might feel more motivated on your quest for love. The caution is that you might be so passionate that you could be argumentative, like it’s my way or the highway kind of attitude. There might be an interest in continued learning of some kind, keep an open mind, be flexible, it might also be that you are thinking about an overseas trip. This can be a good time to look at the fine print around either of these topics, a good time to sign on the dotted line.


Your motivation around health routines, daily practices and your wellness gets a boost this month. Look to what you might need to cut out, shift or even a practitioner that you are ready to let go of that is no longer giving you the value that you are looking for long-term. Also highlighted for you is the topic of money, yours and maybe your partner’s income or earning potential. This is a time to adjust how you make or create money, as well as what you do with it. It might be that you finally take out that loan you have been considering or might be on the receiving end of a grant or funding of some sort.  


If you can take the time to play hard and pursue your passion or pleasure projects, now is the time to grab hold with both hands. Look to the conception of a creative project that you want to have a long-lasting impact. Or if you have already started on this type of project, you might take a new tact with it and spin it on its head. There is also a focus on relationships and the conversations that you have with your better half. It might be a time when emotions are running high and either you aren’t feeling heard by your partner or it could be that you are the one not listening intently enough. Finding a way to set emotions to the side and keep an open mind can be key to smoothing any relationship wrinkles.


Energetic Mars is indicating a change of direction, possible in a very literal sense and pointing towards moving house. It might be that you are thinking about remodelling or renovations where you are currently living. A hive of activity in some capacity around your home environment and family life is bound to take place this month. Mars is also a planet associated with conflict and arguments; it might point to a time when family issues get an airing out. The other highlight for you right now is around health and wellness, either your own, your parents or maybe even your pet. Trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right, be sure to have it checked out.


You might be inclined to be more upfront and assertive with your communication style this month, not the best time for diplomacy but a great time for expressing what you want. Deals and negotiations are on the table, especially if you are looking to buy or sell vehicles or property. This can be a great time when you are more direct and less likely to be a push over. New ideas might formulate relating to having some fun, plans come together easily to have a good time and enjoy yourself. Be sure to work your mind, puzzles, arts and crafts or books can give you the sort of stimulation that makes you happy and passes the time in a leisurely way.

Until next time, Jennifer Hart

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