Horoscopes – June 6th

June 5th, 2022Horoscopes – June 6th

Horoscopes - June 6th

All signs:

Mercury is going to start moving in a forward direction, meaning it’s finally time to upgrade your mobile phone if you’ve been holding off during this retrograde cycle. Cognitive ruling Mercury also moves into its domicile Gemini and gives us all a boost where communication, idea generation, and our curiosity is concerned.

The lovely Venus will be conjoining Uranus in the sign of Taurus on June 11th, signalling relationship breakthroughs, sudden attractions, and maybe a rebirth of friendships. But by the 18th our electric love vibes will be put on notice when Venus makes a difficult square aspect to Saturn. A dose of reality might rush in or the harshness of our obligations could arise and remove our rose-coloured glasses.


This is a great time to make business deals, look to unique and interesting ways to not only earn but grow your income. Partnerships are highlighted and can be helpful even if they aren’t well received in the court of public opinion. This can signal a time when you are able to master a new skill or refine one that you already possess. You have the gift of the gab for the latter part of June and will be readily able to communicate your ideas with others.


Financial matters and material possessions are in the spotlight in the second half of June, possibly sparking curiosity on your part as to how you can master your monetary goals. A good time to research crypto currencies or other electronic financial applications and gain as much knowledge as you can to help you. Work might hinder your desire to make some changes to your appearance, you might be keen for freedom of expression, just remember that casual Fridays still require you to wear pants.


The number one topic on your lips this month is you, dear Gemini! What you want, where you want to be, how you can improve your life and move into something new. Conversing with close friends and talking through things might really help you figure out the answers. You might be keen to try a new introspection technique but held back by an existing belief system.


Your monkey-mind is going to be in overdrive at the end of this month, madly typing away and maybe keeping you up at night. If you can pour your thoughts out and onto a page, you might be able to empty out enough to turn the volume down on your inner chatter. A friendship might turn into a romantic encounter but most likely more of a fling than a lasting situation. Nothing wrong with being flung from time to time.


Old friendships might be playing on your mind, or you might be contemplating your role in your community with a desire to get more involved. Even though Mercury is no longer retrograde, friends from the past might be making an appearance. You might be the one to reach out to those whom you haven’t spoken to in a while. This time might also see a tension between work and close relationships, how much of yourself do you have to share at the end of the workday.


Your business acumen is on point for the latter part of June, helping you to make deals and network with the right sorts of people to help push your career in a forward motion. Your daily grind might hamper your aspirations in the realm of higher education, international travel or even a spiritual practice, the proverbial alarm clock to your dreamtime. If you can persevere and broaden your horizons, the mundane reality of daily life can be enriched. Remembering that Rome wasn’t built in a day and so too the architecture of your big-picture goals might take some time.


In an attempt to gain independence from one commitment, you may end up handcuffing yourself to another. Be mindful of what is presented to you and that you read all the fine print. It could be a good time to call in your chits and ensure that you are aligning yourself with people that you trust. An unexpected travel opportunity might come up that could be a lot of fun and expansive for you, opening your eyes to a new way of thinking, providing you with an enriching experience of other cultures.


A great time to scrutinize your current situation with insurance policies, loan contracts and investments. Someone might swoop in and offer you help in some form; it could be financial or even passing on a skillset that you need. Keep in mind that nothing in life is free and some form of repayment will be required. There’s also a major emphasis on love and relationships, redefining, or rekindling romance. There could be a need for freedom, keep in mind that absence makes the heart grown fonder and if you need a little space it doesn’t have to be make or break.


You might feel like you are speaking another language in your daily life, that things are lost in translation or just feeling like no one understands what you are trying to get across. You might not get what you ordered. Try to go with the flow and not get too frustrated. That being said, your spouse or partner will hear you with crystal clear clarity and be on the same page. Harmonious times with the person that you are closest to are at hand, offering you the opportunity to listen closely and strengthen your bond.


Now is the time for making lists, generating spreadsheets, or utilizing the latest apps to help make your daily routines and health practices more efficient. A full audit of your daily routine and life goals might be on the books, with your problem-solving abilities at their peak. There might be some financial restrictions hampering your desire for fun and frivolity. A creative breakthrough achieved through an artistic endeavour can get help to bring you much joy and happiness or at least to escape the drone of daily life.


Curiosity and variety are the order of the day when it comes to romantic encounters, you might find it the spice of life. If you are looking for that special someone, a dating app or website might be the best place to start your search right now with tech savvy Mercury helping you in the romance department. Things at home might seem a little disrupted but if you can let go of some rigidity and strict rules it might not feel so difficult. If you bend, you are less likely to break.


You might come across a creative new way to make something that you have made a thousand times before, keen to break the old mould and be a little rebellious. There could be a breakthrough in the arena of learning, communication, and big ideas. You might feel insecure about your newfound tactics, not sure if you are thinking too far out of the box. Try not to get in your own way. Happy times on the home front for you, and the energy to organise the house, possibly finding lost object. If you figure out where all the lost socks go, please share with the rest of us.

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