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September 26th, 2022Horoscopes with Jenn Hart


All signs:

Mercury retrograde is finishing up around in the first week of October, indicating that we can breathe a sigh of relief that those pesky miscommunications and bloopers will hopefully now be less frequent. I’ve noticed that this retrograde in particular has seen me feeling as though I am speaking a different language and unable to glean any sort of answers despite feeling certain I was asking straight forward and direct questions. I will be so grateful to see the back end of this one! Mercury has shifted backwards into it’s favoured sign of Virgo, giving us all a second chance to clean up our diets, homes or habits that perhaps didn’t go to plan a few weeks ago. Anything that you started during the retrograde cycle might need to be revisited or done over and what a great time to do it, while Virgo is giving us all that keen eye for the details once again. We might also find that if life has felt like it’s taking place under water, we might now surface and benefit from a sharpening of our minds, as well as attention spans.

Fair Venus is moving into one of her favoured signs of Libra, to join the Sun and reminds us that living life in balance can see us better able to enjoy the finer things, instead of dwelling in one area of life above all others. Venus in Libra is living life in all her finery, immaculate vernacular, charming and eloquent though perhaps appealing to our ostentatious sides. But fairness, equality and togetherness are also qualities that we can expect when Venus is in Libra, though I would advise choosing ones’ company carefully over the next few weeks. If you suffer from the modern affliction of “fear of missing out” or find that you are easily triggered by the have’s and the have not’s, I highly recommend that you take this time to have a break from social media. Sometimes we are desperate to keep up with society and feel the need to present ourselves as something that we aren’t or don’t genuinely agree with to feel like we are keeping pace with everyone else. This will likely increase over the next few weeks. Take a social media break if you are feeling a little fragile, or on the flip side of the coin, if you find that you are too engaged in the game of likes and follows, take a little time out and experience real life without attempting to get the right filter or frame. I recently watched the funeral of Queen Elizabeth the II and was shocked to see what looked like the Nazi salute from the crowd as her Hearst drove by, only to realize it was everyone holding their phones up and out to video the moment.

Please take this is your friendly reminder to put your phone down, breathe in the beauty of your everyday life and enjoy it, privately, just for you, not to be shared with the masses.

I will also be taking a look at the Sun making a helpful aspect with the planet of responsibility, Saturn and how we might take advantage of that. Read on to see how you might harness the power of the planets in your life, if you know your rising sign, start there first.


If you found that you weren’t able to implement the new daily routine that you were striving for, this is a great time to try again. Having a spring clean and getting your kitchen cupboard organized might help you keep on track for the rest of the year. Your closest relationships are still in the spotlight and there is more unity and romance available to you now. Passionate conversations with others might spark new ideas and you might find yourself better able to take on more responsibility within a community organization.


You might have found it a struggle to commit to that relaxation time that you so desperately were trying to set aside. You get a second chance at making some changes, getting a new hobby organized or it might be that you are better equipped to handle interactions with the children in your life. Your daily habits and routines are in the spotlight, asking you to find the beauty in your daily life. Someone helpful might pop up, offering you a hand or a good idea to implement to allow for a smoother running of your daily chores.


If times at home have been rife with blunders, bloopers, and miscommunications, you might find that those wrinkles start to smooth out now. Giving your house a tidy up or even getting a bigger project started at home will flow with more ease and not seem so muddled. Romance, love, and fun times with children abound over the next few weeks, take advantage if you can. If you’re able to take more time out to indulge in your hobbies and leisure time, you will get a lot out of it at the moment.


You might have been feeling like no one is speaking your language lately, especially at home, but this is about to change. You will be better able to organize your thoughts and communicate more clearly over the next week or so. The spotlight is shining on your home and family life, offering you the opportunity to spend some lovely quality time with your family members. If you have been putting off the arduous tasks in the realm of taxes, insurance, or estate planning, you might find that around the middle of October you will be better supported in taking on those tasks.


You might have found that the Mercury retrograde wreaked havoc in your conversations with others, or that serious brain fog has been swirling around, but fear not as the mist is about to clear. An emphasis on connecting others with your communications, whether it be through writing or speaking are heightened now. You also get a second chance to get your finances in order and get organized around your household budget. If there is something that you have been trying to save for, opportunities to have more discipline or clearer steps to get there abound.


Lucky lady Venus has entered your house of money and possessions and hopefully she brings you good news and blessings. Money matters might be what occupies your thoughts at the moment and the welcome sight of Venus here can offer up some unexpected gifts. If things have felt like they have been moving backwards on the financial front, they should hopefully start moving in the right direction very soon. If you have been feeling like your daily routine, your health goals or chores in general are not where you want them to be, you will have the opportunity to get on top of things with more discipline than before.


Life can be grand with the Sun and Venus in your sign, giving charm and grace, shining a flattering light on you for a glorious four-week window that only happens once a year. If you have found that things have been a bit rough or confusing lately, you should hopefully start to experience at turning of the tides. Responsibilities around the children in your life might have been feeling rather restrictive lately, hampering your freedoms but you might find that abates now, and you are better able to just enjoy their company.


This is a great time of the year to get out of dodge if you can swing a cheeky getaway. It doesn’t have to be a big adventure to the ends of the Earth, but a little time on your own can be most beneficial. You might already be feeling a little bit like the hermit in the mountains, so if you can embrace it and take some space for yourself, you will be better able to recharge your batteries. If things in your social circle haven’t gone to plan or perhaps some friends from the past have come out of the woodwork, it should start to smooth over now.


Any hiccups that have been happening with friends or at work over the past few weeks should clear up now. Lovely, connective times with friends or groups are on the agenda, offering you time to enjoy those people that you have chosen to be in your life. Communications at work are strong, seeing you better able to make deals and get organized where needed. Passions might be running hot in your closest partnerships right now, make sure that you enjoy this time as it won’t always be like this. If you are unattached, this is a time when you might be more focused on finding ‘the one’, try looking at connections through work, you just don’t know who you might bump into at the watercooler.


Work is most definitely in the spotlight for you at the moment, and a flattering light it is. If you have been feeling unsteady in your career or uncertain of your life’s direction in this arena, you might find that you fall in love with what you’re currently doing or find that niche that you want to pursue. Exploring the wider world might also be on the agenda, whether through travel or conversations with new people from different backgrounds to yourself can seem clearer and more direct. If money matters have felt heavy or restrictive lately, you might be better able to get organized and find a little financial freedom.


Pack your bags and grab your passport friends and get ready for takeoff. If you are one of the lucky ducks that have been able to hop on a plane and have a great adventure, congratulations! If you’ve been planning your great escape and have felt hampered at every turn, I urge you to try again, doors will be open now that were shut before. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones that finds yourself exploring foreign lands, perhaps try to create an experience for yourself at home, foreign foods, music, movies, or literature can still delight the senses.


 Venus is offering some blessings to you that might take the form of inheritance or (fingers crossed) a juicy income tax return headed your way. If you have been looking into insurance policies, estate planning or investments lately, now’s a good time to make decisions and go for it. If things have been muddled regarding these topics lately, do try again, it will be much clearer and perhaps beneficial now as opposed to a few weeks ago. Home and family life might seem to be in high gear, moving a good clip, but it is soon to settle down feel less hectic.

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