Horoscopes with Jenn Hart

November 6th, 2022Horoscopes with Jenn Hart

Horoscopes with Jenn Hart

Horoscopes November 7th to 21st

All Signs:

The second eclipse, a lunar eclipse is upon us, bringing this current “eclipse season” to a close. I hope that you have found yourself turning life’s corners to find something new and exciting waiting for you. The lunar eclipse is taking place in the sign of Taurus, which might see a shift for us around security, comfort and possibly where or how we are getting our food (all things that Taurus speaks to). This eclipse is also taking place next to the planet Uranus which will be lending some of its energy to it, Uranus is a planet associated with innovation and curiosity. We might be better able to think outside of the square and look to more unconventional means of obtaining those Taurean topics. This planet also has a natural affinity with instability, unpredictability, and chaos, which are all eclipse type attributes as well, amplifying our feelings of unsettled churning that we might be feeling right now, like the ground beneath our feet isn’t quite as solid as we thought.

The next two weeks sees the planets starting to shift out of Scorpio and into the sign of Sagittarius, with Venus and Mercury moving first, followed by the Sun. While Scorpio season can leave us all contemplating our deepest and darkest thoughts, Sagittarius season can usher in a need for freedom, adventure, action, and movement that uplifts us. It can be a time when we are all the most extra versions of ourselves, a little over the top but this confidence can also help us to step outside of our comfort zones and stretch.

Jupiter, the most beneficial planet in astrology has moved back into its home sign of Pisces for a quick visit. This will hopefully bring us all some luck and blessings just in time for Christmas, as that’s how long Jupiter will be there before moving into the sign of Aries once more. Jupiter kicked off 2022 in Pisces, so we might see a return or continuation of what topics were golden in your life at that time. This is the last little hit of Jupiter in Pisces until 2033 so take advantage of it! Read on to see how you might harness the power of the planets in your life, if you know your rising sign, start there first.


Financial matters might be shaken up, they might be feeling a bit unstable, but you could be offered up some new ways to earn money. You could be feeling a need for financial freedom, or that you need to move your spending habits in a new direction. Look closely at an unorthodox solution, it might be just what you need to move forwards. Great joy can be found in the arts at this time, enjoyment of new cultures, music and literature that takes you on a journey can delight. You might be keen to delve deeper into spiritual matters, question how you look at the bigger picture topics in your life. A reminder that communications with others might slow off the mark right now, your daily commute might also be offering up more stress than usual.


You might be reaching a turning point in your life around how your view yourself, or what direction you would like to move towards. The path to your personal happiness might lead you in a different direction than you thought. If you can go with the flow and follow your intuition, you might be pleasantly surprised with the outcome. This is a good time to explore new friendships or see a change or deepening with the friends that you have now. Money matters might be slow right now, even feeling like you’re moving backwards, this trend is only temporary. Look to savings where insurance and debts are concerned, there might be a better deal and you are primed to nab it right now.


You might be feeling a drop in your energy levels and motivation now, I urge you to keep plodding along at work. You can make some major inroads in your career, perhaps even achieve some type of accolade that you have been chasing. This is your last chance to enjoy a very flattering light being cast upon your work life for the next ten years, so use it well. Love and relationships are also coming up, if you are in a committed relationship right now, take some time with your partner to deepen your bond not just in a physical way but also on a mental level though deep conversation. If you haven’t found your life partner in crime, this might be a time when you do, perhaps even through a work situation. This can also be a great time take on a business partnership, it might be the boost to your career that you have been working towards this year.


If you are lucky enough to have a valid passport and some money to burn, I would suggest that you take that overseas trip you have been lusting after. If like most of us, this is not in your purview, find joy in new cultures, higher education, publishing opportunities, or spiritual growth. If you feel like your mental health has taken a little turn, these things can help mitigate and bring some joy back to you. This is also a great time to scrutinize your daily routine or schedule, looking to implement more balance to create healthier habits. You might be keen to give the cupboards a tidy up and your organization skills are on pointe right now. If you’ve got some pre-Christmas health goals, this is also a time to take action and get a plan together so that you can glide into the silly season as the best version of yourself. Friendships or community groups that you are a part of might be at a tipping point, try not to hold on to anyone too tightly, friendships ebb and flow and have their seasons, be prepared to walk away from a situation that no longer serves you.


Things at work might be feeling a bit unsettled or unsteady right now, something might be in the works behind the scenes (or right in front of you) that will create some major shake ups. It might be a situation that you are in control of, creating change on your own terms or it might be out of your hands, and you are at its mercy. You might find yourself in a situation that sees some money headed your way, perhaps through inheritance, income tax return or it could be that your spouse gets a raise you benefit from that. It could be a situation where you take on a large debt, but for something that benefits you, like a new home or car. Be mindful of the strings. Social burnout might also be an experience that you are living through, if you’ve been the social butterfly lately, take a step back and have some alone time if you need it, don’t be afraid to turn down invitations, there will be plenty of time to socialize later.


This eclipse might see you experience a crisis of faith, you might start to question your spiritual direction and perhaps take a sharp turn and go a different way. It might feel like you are ready to take on a spiritual quest and find answers to your burning questions. On a more tangible not, you want to feather your nest and make things at home feel more organized and beautiful. On the relationship front, this could be a time when new possibilities abound, perhaps too many. If you are in a committed relationship, you might find yourself desperately seeking a little freedom. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, if you need a little space, don’t be afraid to take it, if it’s a relationship with a solid foundation, it’ll keep. Your career might be feeling a little stalled now, rest assured that you will find the accelerator in the new year.


You are blessed with the gift of eloquent communication for the next few weeks, with a sharp mind and clever articulation you can achieve almost anything. If you’ve had a writing project simmering away on the stove, this might be the time to turn up the heat and make it boil. But know that any sort of publishing is likely to fizzle away until the new year. If you can get the work done, tuck it away for a more auspicious new year when things are more likely to go your way. If you’ve been feeling like your daily life is too small or holding you back, this is a time when you are desperate to break free of any rut you’ve been stuck in. Be mindful of overindulgences over the next couple of months, either too strict or too healthy, striving for balance can be what’s best at this time to give you a feeling a good health.  


The time when Venus brings blessings to your bank account is finally here, hopefully offering you a boost to your earning potential, assets, or valuables and giving you the ability and the clarity to make your financial situation rosier. The eclipse taking place might be influencing your closet relationships, if you’re in one, it might be feeling like it isn’t working any longer or that it’s holding you back. If you have a solid foundation, this little blip will pass, but if you haven’t been happy then this might spell the end. If you are not in a committed relationship, this could be a time when you meet your person, or a path is laid that will lead to that someone special. Romantic times abound from now until Christmas, you might find that you are almost overwhelmed with options, who wouldn’t love that? If you are more settled in your life, this can be a time when you have lovely experiences with the children in your life, arty creativity, hobbies, and sports can offer up the perfect opportunities to have some fun.


Shake ups to your daily routine and possibly your health might have you feeling like you are on unstable footing right now. This can usher in a time when you are able to turn a corning and make some major changes if you need to. On a more positive note, you are oozing with charm right now, with a sharp mind and a keen eye, the perception of others is quite favourable. If life has felt like a bit of a slog lately, this might be the lifting of the fog that you have been desperately seeking. You will feel a shift from the hermit in the cave to the star at centre stage, which is much more conducive to your Sagittarius nature. If you have been enjoying a passionate time with your significant other, you might feel as though someone has let the air out of your sails. Fear not, it’s only temporary. If you are unattached, this might be a time when your relationship prospects slow down, it’s just for a little while.


New editions to your family could soon be on their way with the eclipse offering possibilities of pregnancy that might come as a surprise! Take precautions if this is not what you want on your agenda right now! If you have been thinking about making a creative endeavour more centre stage, this might when you want to birth that idea out into the world. You are bursting with big ideas and thoughts right now, keep a notebook handy to jot them all down. Plenty of little trips might be on the cards within your own country until Christmas. This might also be a time when you have some adventures with your sibling(s), or you can mend fences with them if they need some attention. Getting out in your community and with friends can feel like a breath of fresh air to what might be feeling like a trudge through your everyday life.


The luckiest of planetary charms has re-entered the arena of all matters financial for you. If you experienced a boost to your income earlier in the year, that story is back and ready for you to grab it with both hands. You won’t get this kind of blessing again until 2033, so make the most of it until Christmas this year. Things on the home front might be feeling a little unsteady, changes are a foot either within your family unit or with your home itself. If these things are bringing you stress, take comfort in your friends right now especially. They will be able to offer you clever insights and a soft place to land if you need it. A flattering light is beaming down on you at work, if things at home feel tough, you can always focus on your career path to mitigate.


This might be a time when you are looking to fill in some gaps in your education, renovate your resumé or chase a dream that you have be harbouring since you were a kid. You might be feeling like you are ready to move in an entirely new direction, mentally or physically, you might be ready to move to a new neighbourhood. You have the ability to make your own luck until Christmas time, if you noticed that life felt like it had a nice flow to it earlier this year, those themes will be repeated now. You’ve got a sharp mind and plenty of charm at work these days to help propel you forward, be prepared for the spotlight to shine on you soon and opportunities to step up at work might be coming your way. People will perceive you as jovial and fun-loving, up for a good time, all things point to fabulous networking opportunities.

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