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July 17th, 2022Horoscopes with Jenn

Horoscopes with Jenn

Horoscopes July 18th to August 1st

All signs:

The planets are on the move again, quickly zipping through the signs and giving us all a different flavor from the past fortnight. Mercury is moving very quickly, and only spent two short weeks traversing the sign of Cancer and now moves forward into Leo. Mercury in Leo can see us communicating in a way that’s more uplifting and positive, maybe a bit more superficial and self centered. A change from Mercury in Cancer where it was more about others, deep emotional connections, a sympathetic ear, or shoulder to cry on. The Sun is also moving into the sign of Leo, putting further emphasis on our desire to be in the spotlight, take the lead and usher others along for the ride with us. Leo energy is warm, charming, and insightful but not the best when it comes to putting other first, like Cancerian energy does. If you’ve been floundering a little lately, Leo season might help you sharpen up the image of what it is that you want to go after and the confidence to do it.

Venus is also changing signs from Gemini to Cancer, trailing behind Mercury and the Sun. Venus in Cancer loves to feather the nest at home, buying beautiful things to enjoy in our private spaces and make them more comfortable. A great time to have your nearest and dearest around for a meal, nourishment for body and soul. Read on to see how you might harness the power of the planets. If you know your rising sign, start there first.


Your desire to feather the nest is strongest of all the twelve signs! Fair Venus has entered the part of your chart associated with home and family and oh how she loves her trinkets. Make your home feel as inviting and welcome as possible. It doesn’t mean that you’ve got to buy a new velvet sofa, but a bunch of flowers or just shifting around the furniture that you’ve got can bring a freshness to your space. There is also a focus on having some fun in the coming month, through play, creativity, and leisure activities. We can’t all be super productive all the time and finding a hobby that you can do just for fun without the pressures of monetizing it can help with balancing out the stresses in life. Jump in and take the class or workshop that you’ve been eyeing off, you won’t regret it.


You are more charming than usual in this coming month, negotiating skills are improved and even your pick-up lines are better received! If you’ve been a bit of a wall flower lately, this can be a good time to ask out that secret crush! Mars is still giving you energy, passion, and confidence, so what are you waiting for? Your home is also highlighted right now, a little spring clean won’t go amiss, getting your cupboards organized and refreshing your space is a great idea. A decluttered space can often help soothe a cluttered mind. Memories and past family times might be floating around, using this energy to organise scrap books and photo albums (digital or tangible) can be a great way to reminisce and tidy things up. If you find that you are dwelling on the not-so-great pastimes, you can rewrite your history, finding forgiveness for others and some tea and sympathy for yourself as the lead character.


This is a time of year, each year when you might have a little extra cash to splash (maybe a little income tax return) and you want to buy yourself something lovely and luxurious. Mind-set, thoughts, communication, and ideas are highlighted for you over the next four weeks, giving you the opportunity to address any of these topics that you would like to change. Starting a mindfulness practice or journal, positive affirmations and resolutions can help you create a happier internal space. You will have a greater ability to master one or more of these skills at this time, you might find that you are flooded with ideas and your memory is sharp. Writing and communication are your thing right now, if you’ve ever wanted to start a blog or a book, this is your time to shine.


When harmonious Venus enters your sign, pampering yourself is the order of the day. Get yourself to the day spa if you can, or even to the hairdresser/barber to freshen up your look, purchase a new piece of clothing for your wardrobe if your budget allows. On a less surface level energetic, this can be a time when you are more diplomatic, charming, and able to disarm any adversary. Your focus might also be on money, assets, and possessions. Your ability to close deals, scrutinize the fine print and even learn more about financial products is heightened, making you a most formidable opponent right now. You might be better able to repay a loan, balance the books or finally get around to fixing any broken possessions at home.


It’s Leo season, when it is finally your time to shine. The lead up to this can be a little bit bleak for some, more reflective for others, prompting you to take stock of where you are at so that you know what direction to move to when the Sun is shining its favourable light on you. Venus is moving into a place that is asking Leo’s to show themselves a little love and kindness, sometimes you can get caught up in lifting others that you forget to take a little time to give yourself some of that goodness too. This month sees a time when you want to focus on yourself, Leo’s tend to lead others and all that that entails, often neglecting to inspire yourself, to contemplate the best next steps for you as an individual. Birthday time is great for setting a new course or a little course correction if you aren’t pointed to the place on the horizon that you want to reach.


Birthday time is just around the corner, which means that the Sun and Mercury are offering you the opportunity to reflect and take stock in your life. It’s a time when you might want to shy away from others and duck off for a little alone time. Turns out that the band Chicago had it right – everybody needs a little time away. It’s hard to pour from an empty cup, if you can take some to time to fill yours, you will be much better placed to pour for others. It’s the one time we get each year to nourish ourselves, if you can’t physically get away, immersing yourself in an insightful book or podcast, a mindful activity or hobby that you enjoy each day can help just as much. Magnetic Venus might be bringing friends to your door this month too, make sure that you guard your ‘yes’ as best you can.  


The Sun is shining on your friendships this month, bringing you closer together or even helping you to cultivate new friendships. Chats with mates will be smooth and plentiful, a good opportunity to reinforce the ties that bind your closest friendships and tighten up any bonds that might have loosened up over time. You are charming and magnetic in your career setting, bringing positive opportunities your way. If you have lost a bit of the love for your chosen path, this might be a time when you rekindle the passion for what you do out in the world, weather it’s a traditional type of career or if you’re a care giver to someone in your life. Be on the look-out for people that do what they love, what they are passionate about in hopes that it might give you some inspiration or gratitude for what you get to do on a daily basis.


This month can be a fabulous time to revisit or revise your career goals. If it’s been a while since you have checked-in or even set some goals, now is the time to do that. If you’re overwhelmed at work, try to find ways to delegate, simplify or streamline your tasks where possible. The Sun is at the top of your chart, casting a flattering light upon you, giving you new opportunities to shine under the spotlight. On a more internal note, you might find enjoyment in further study, foreign cultures, or art works. These might help to inspire you or broaden your horizons. When there is so much emphasis on work, it can be easy to let life’s pleasures slip through the cracks. Nature, art, and music can offer solace as well as being muses for new ideas and directions that we want to pursue.


Late July to late August might see you contemplating the bigger picture type of topics in life. You might be literally contemplating the heavens with the new NASA photo drop! Or perhaps you are thinking about places to jet off to, new adventures to be had, that is what absolutely what floats your Sagittarius boat. By the end of this time frame, you might find that you have developed new ideas or beliefs, opening your mind to something new. Dig a little deeper in the stories that you are defined by as you never know what revelations or epiphanies might be in store for you. You are also able to attract positive, supportive, and possibly financially viable relationships to you right now. If you are looking to take out a loan or ask for a favour, you could be better received until the end of August than you might otherwise be.


Venus has moved into the part of your chart that rules committed romantic relationships, tight partnerships, and marriage. This can herald a time of tenderness, harmony, deep connections, and emotional sensitivity with the people that you might consider to be your better half. If you’re looking for love, some contenders might show up this month to temp you. Practical matters pertaining to investments, insurance policies and loans could also be in the spotlight, a great time for scrutinizing and researching new opportunities. This is also a time when you might find yourself collaborating in what could turn out to be a lucrative joint venture.


There might a new person that shows up in your daily life, perhaps at work, that is turning up to lend a hand and make life a bit easier for you. This is also a time when you might notice that you are craving more sweet treats and goodies, look out! Relationships are featuring prominently for you this month, perhaps a new relationship might be on the horizon for you or the igniting of an old one. If you are already in a committed relationship this can be a time when new life is breathed into it, with new energy around clear communication. You might find that you are better received by your partner at this time or that you are more in tune with this person and can see their point of view more clearly.


Romantic, playful, joyous times are on the cards for you! This month sees that you are living life to its fullest and having a great time. Fun times with children, indulging in your favourite hobbies, sports or leisure activities are here for the next few weeks. You might even have a spot of luck with a flutter on the races if that’s something you’re into. Your health and well-being might also come into focus at this time. You might find that you have more energy or determination to start a new health routine, it could be that you come across a new modality or practitioner that is able to help you.  It could also be that you are helping others, maybe you have learned something new that you are able to share with people around you to help them on their health and wellness journeys.

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