Horoscopes with Jennifer Hart

November 20th, 2022Horoscopes with Jennifer Hart

Horoscopes with Jennifer Hart

November 21 – December 5

All signs:

As the planets dance across the Zodiacal band in the sky, through the sign of Sagittarius we might all be feeling that extra dose of confidence and optimism that this sign can offer. With Mars still heavy in its retrograde cycle though, you could be forgiven for feeling more exhausted than exuberant. I was a bit surprised myself just how much I felt my battery flatten when Mars changed direction and am personally counting down the days until the red planet moves in a direct fashion once more. Not everyone will feel the pull of certain planets as strongly as others, it depends on your personal chart and which planets are major players for you.

The good news from the cosmos is that the jovial giant, Jupiter is about to step out of a backward motion and into a direct one at the end of the month. If certain aspects of your life have felt like they have been stalled, halted, or just plain stuck, here’s hoping that this might help you find the accelerator. Mars might be asking us to cut something out in order to move in a new direction, areas of life where we might feel tied down and it’s making it harder to focus on the direction in which we want to move towards. Read on to see how you might harness the power of the planets in your life, if you know your rising sign, start there first.


If you have been feeling like your mental health has seen better days, hopefully those better days are here. You might also have noticed that anything to do with higher education, overseas travel or publishing have been a little bit stuck in the mud. Hopefully the ground will start to dry out beneath your feet and allow you to get some traction in these areas of your life. Your spirituality might also come into focus, with some new pearls of wisdom being offered up to help you find you flow and integrate an aspect of life that can often be left languishing. Communication with others might be causing you some headaches still with Mars retrograde. All these things combined are suggesting that now is the time to listen and digest rather than express your own thoughts. We move through season of life that offer us times to speak and times to listen.


Your time to take a leading role in your community or within your commune of mates is here! If taking a more active role in groups that you are involved with has been playing on your mind, this is your time to shine. Perhaps it’s something as simple as playing more of a mentorship role with a friend or it could be speaking to something more along the lines of political leadership. Working within a collective group, the assets of others or the income of your partner is highlighted over then next few weeks. Keeping in mind that you own financial picture might be a bit stalled for the rest of 2022, it might be that you are needing to spend more money than usual now. This time might also be about a lack of opportunities for earning or growing your income, it is a temporary situation that will get back on track in the early parts of next year.


Things within your work sphere might be starting to offer you up some juicy opportunities, perhaps in the form of new business partnerships or leadership options. This is a great time to grab these sorts of opportunities with both hands, get it while it’s hot! Even if you aren’t feeling full of drive and determination right now, this can be a great time to make strides in your work as well as in your closest relationships. Though you might be fiercely independent, romantic connections are still important to you, whether you are single or attached, they are a major focus right now. Be mindful of petty squabbles, especially if you are feeling run down, don’t be drawn into hot topics that are likely to cause you to blow a fuse.


Your health both physically and mentally are the topics at the fore right now, and the connection between them. If this isn’t something that you have paid much mind to this before, you are better able to gain new insights that can benefit you. Where your mental health is concerned, it might be about cutting something out that is detrimental to you. It could be a practice that you are aware of or one that you do unconsciously. Look to your daily routine and how you might improve your health and wellbeing by making changes, if you have been struggling to implement a routine that you know will be beneficial to your health, dive deeper into it from a mental health perspective, you might be surprised by what you are able to unearth. An opportunity to connect mind, body, and spiritual health together is presented to you currently.


Gifts from others are hopefully on there way to you soon. This might not take the form of financial gifts; it could be a mentorship opportunity, or a favour owed or even a debt forgiven. Your social life might be feeling a little draining right now, you might be feeling worn out, your social butterfly wings need a rest. If time with others has been feeling cumbersome, try to be more choosey with who you agreed to spend your time with. However, hobbies and leisure activities can bring you some much needed cup filling. If you can make the time to hide away in your mancave or she shed, it might be the metaphorical hermit’s cave that you have been craving. It might look like a bowl of popcorn on the sofa with your favourite movie, or a day out doing something fun with your kids.


If you have been feeling the drudgery that can set in around your work life lately, my hope is that you will soon be looking to some sort of holiday time around the corner. If you are counting down the days until the Christmas break, you are not alone, but you are likely feeling the desperation to escape your desk more than any other sign! Your work situation might be feeling stuck and stalled, but your private life offers you respite. If you can scale back at the office and spend more time at home, it might go a long way to giving you a little extra boost of energy. You might also look to partnerships with others as a way to move into gear at work. Relationships are also offering up some beneficial blessings and if they too have felt stuck or in reverse, that should ease up now.


Short trips might be on the cards for you, a little weekend away or day trip might offer you up some lovely memories that you will cherish. If you have been feeling hemmed in and unable to have that great escape that you desire, look to some sort of a “staycation” that is closer to home but likely to be just as memorable as a large-scale trip or adventure. Checking out what’s in your own backyard can be just as expansive on a personal growth level as travelling further afield. If your daily routine has been overwhelming you of late, things might start to feel more calm and less hectic. Do be mindful of boundaries, how much you take on in your daily life. If you say yes to too many things or people, it can ultimately spell burnout. Setting a hard boundary with how much you want to take on, how busy you want your daily life to can be the key.


Money matters are in the spotlight, both your own and that of your partner. While you might be experiencing a boom in your personal economy, your spouse or partner might be experiencing a bust. This could also be that you are able to cut away some of the financial burdens that are imposed on you, through loan debt, insurances, or taxes. If you can delve into these areas (or pay an expert to), you might find some more cash is freed up for you. Love and romance are also in abundance for you. It might be loving times with your children or romantic love that gives you those giddy feelings. If you can throw a little creative project in the mix, the recipe for a fun and fabulous few weeks is practically fool-proof, so get busy baking!


This can be a great time to reinvent yourself or devote some time to a little personal development, discovering who you are right now. The balancing act between being your truest self and integrating into your closest relationship is being brought into focus as well. Your sense of self and desire for independence is strong, you are certain of who you are and where you are going. If you are attached to another, this might be a tense time, when you are trying to integrate this new version of yourself into an existing situation. If things are feeling tense, fear not, it will iron out in the new year. Focusing on your home and family can be a good thing right now, something that feels easier to you. This can be a great time to finish up some renovations or improvements around the house or even to upgrade to a better home than the one you are currently in. 


This is the time of year when you want to retreat and spend a little time on your own, the company of others might feel a little too taxing. It’s the one time of the year when our personal solar panels are in need of some charging and the only way to top them up is to take a little time out. Your daily routine might need a good culling, cutting back to allow for more of a focus on your mental health. It’s a good time to check in with yourself before the silly season comes into full swing, take some time to reflect on where you’re at and where you’d like to go next. Does your daily routine support this? If your physical health has been giving you troubles, either from overexerting yourself or under, remember to be kind to yourself regardless. This might be a good time to be gentle and not try to push so hard for changes, find a way to float and flow for duration of this year.


Fun times out on the town with friends are in the forecast for you. Your social life might be brimming and now’s the time to enjoy it, say yes to all the invites and attend all the parties. This is a time to shine within your social circle and community groups. You come across more charming and cleaver than usual. Your love life might be hitting the skids a little, if things are feeling a bit stuck and slow, try not to force the situation. There will be plenty of time for passionate encounters in the new year. If your life is in a different phase, this could be a time when your kids are testing your patience, hang in there. Meanwhile, your financial picture is coming up roses, more opportunities to earn and grow what you’ve got. This is the time to jump at these opportunities as they won’t last for long.


While the outside world might view you as jovial and merry, things on the home front with your family might be a little more tense. There are more opportunities for conflict, you might be feeling like you are easily annoyed with what’s happening at home. If you can focus on your work, there is a flattering light offering you some respite from the dramas that might be going on in your private life. Making deals and advancing your career is on the cards, but keep in mind that you make your own luck, and nothing is going to just land in your lap, you need to be an active participant and chase down what you’re after. The tension at home could be tied into how much of your focus is on your work, be remember that this is only temporary, and things will settle down in the new year and hopefully feel a little less scratchy.   

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