Horoscopes with Jennifer Hart

August 28th, 2022Horoscopes with Jennifer Hart

Horoscopes with Jennifer Hart

All signs:

It’s coming up to that special time of year again when Mercury slows down and begins to move backwards, signalling the time to batten down the hatch’s folks, it’s Mercury retrograde. Starting on September 9th, you do want to avoid purchasing vehicles or technology themed items. I often preach that these regular cycles are nothing much to fear, they take place four times a year and each year it happens in a set of signs associated with one particular element. In 2022, Mercury’s retrograde cycles all take place in Zodiac signs that are represented by the element of air, meaning that all things to do with that element can be revisited, revaluated, revised, or reunited. You see the connection between the retrograde cycles and words with an ‘re’ prefix, words that mean again or back, especially verbs. Rearrange, rediscover, redo, and so on, you get the idea. Signs that are represented by the element of air are often human focused, interactive, thinkers, idea generators and life-long learners. If you put those two concepts together, this retrograde cycle in Libra is a good time for us all to reassess thoughts processes and perhaps communication styles. Libra is about being diplomatic and fair sometimes to a fault, finding the balance between what’s best for you and what’s best for the collective can be difficult for people with a Libran emphasis. Mercury retrograde in this sign can ask us to rediscover or recalculate how we find that balance.

Venus is known as the lesser benefic planet in astrology (with Jupiter being the greater benefic), the term is derived from the word beneficial, in other words bringing blessings or good news. As Venus moves around our charts faster than Jupiter does, it’s my hope that she brings good tidings to more topics of our lives more often. In early September, Venus moves out of confident Leo and into modest Virgo shining her light somewhere new for us all. This sign is not a favoured location for Venus, not her strength to be buttoned down, reserved, and modest. But this placement does offer up the opportunity for us all to get our bits and pieces together to look after our health better, getting organised and find enjoyment in taking care of ourselves, or maybe having a little spring clean around the house.

Around the 10th of September the Sun will make a supportive aspect to the planet Uranus, offering us the chance for creative self-expression, unexpected awakenings, and breakthroughs on the positive side. The shadow side of this meeting can be self-celebration, or excessive urges for independence, impatience, and restlessness. I’m planning to bask in a little bit of this sunshine in hopes of some absorbing some of that creative juiciness. Read on to see how you might harness the power of the planets in your life, if you know your rising sign, start there first.


Did you know that if you use cauliflower to replace potatoes in your diet, you can reduce the joy you have in life by 80%? Seriously though, Venus is moving into your house of health, perhaps it’s time to buy a new juicer or invest in a flash new diary or planner. Getting your life organized doesn’t have to be dull, you can find items that please the senses and get the job done at the same time. Mercury moving retrograde is asking you to find the balance in your relationships, rediscover your role within your partnerships and see where some redistribution might need to happen. Communication with your better half is a must, sharing ideas and thoughts about where you are headed can help you both feel like you’re on the same page. If you’re single, this might be the time to revise the checklist and revaluate what’s really important to you right now when looking for a life partner.


Creative times, romance and the enjoyment of life’s little joys are heightened for you right now. Lovely times with children, or just sinking into your favourite hobby or book can offer you some respite from the daily grind of life. Mercury retrograde is giving you the change to reassess your daily routine, to look for better balance with your health. Be mindful that you aren’t people pleasing at the expense of your own health or wellbeing, it’s a slippery slope. It’s worth rocking the boat a little bit to make sure that you are on the right course, you won’t be any good to anyone if you aren’t taking care of yourself first. Look for ways to refine daily routines and be more efficient in this area of your life so that you can prioritize your health and wellness on a regular basis.


Home is where your heart is, especially for the next few weeks with joyful, loving, and connective times happening at home. Nothing outlandish or over the top, just quiet times with your loved ones, offering up some nourishment for you. A good time to do some spring cleaning and organization of things in general around the house. Making time to explore new creative interests and hobbies is important at this time too. You might need to reassess how much time you have to do things that you love just for the pure enjoyment of it. Sometimes we can get caught up in a constant pressure from the outside world to monetize every little hobby craft or interest that we have, and we forget how important it is to be able to do things for the pleasure of it, without that sort of pressure. It allows us to indulge, decompress and find balance between doing things that will bring us the income and resources that we need and have pressure-free enjoyment in life to explore and expand ourselves.


Lots of lovely ideas, thoughts, plans, and schemes coming to the fore in the next few weeks for you. You might find that you are attracting new people to you from your neighbourhood, or perhaps these are the people that you are taking inspiration from. This can be a time when you’re keen to pick up a new skill, learning something new that brings you pleasure. Mercury retrograde is happening in the area of your chart that refers to your home and family, it might be a time when you reunite. If things have crumbled lately, this is a time for rebuilding, whether it’s a physical structure or emotional ties. Striking the right balance of boundaries and openness can be tricky in relationships, especially when it comes to our families, but this is the best time to find a balance that will give you peace of mind, as well as a feeling of connectedness.


Venus has moved into the part of your chart that speaks of money, resources, and assets, lets hope that she brings that good news. Perhaps some ease when it comes to earning money or opportunities might flow your way more easily to boost what you’ve got. Mercury is the planet associated with deals, contracts, and negotiations. If you can, make sure that any important deals are finalized, contracts are signed before the retrograde starts on the 9th, if this isn’t an option, make sure that you are double or triple checking everything so that you won’t need to redo them later. Measure twice, cut once kinda situation if you catch what I’m saying. You might find that during the retrograde, you aren’t as well received or understood as usual, more opportunities for mixed messages are abound for you, try not to lose your patience.


You have charm in spades for the next few weeks, this only happens once a year, use it to your advantage if you can. If you can afford to update the wardrobe, you might find more flattering pieces at the top of the pile rather than having to search around. While being out in the spotlight rarely a Virgo’s idea of a good time, you might attract more favourable people your way and find yourself the centre of attention. Keep a keen eye on money matters from the 9th of September with tricky Mercury hanging about. This might also be a time when you need to find a balance between your personal accounts receivable and payables. If you are in the red more than the black, it might be time to revaluate what’s important to you, what matters most, is it possessions or perhaps experiences? Once you are clear on what you value most, it might be easier to be more discerning about where you focus your funds.


Mercury is spending some of its retrograde cycle moving backwards through your sign, this may offer the possibility of rediscovering yourself. If you’ve gotten lost in the shuffle of daily life, you might need to reassemble the deck and put yourself closer to the top of the pile. You are being asked to look more deeply at how you treat yourself when no one is looking, what your innermost sanctuary looks like. Is it a cluttered, messy kind of space that needs a little clean out? This can be a space in your home or a metaphor for your thoughts swirling around in your head. That spring clean might be needed to help you reassess where you are and where you would like to be. Your inner world doesn’t have to be perfect, ordered, neat and tidy, but remember to be as kind to yourself as you are to others, you deserve it too.


Lovely, fun times with friends and groups are on the horizon, allowing you to bond with others and find enjoyment in their company. You might find that you’re almost magnetic, attracting new people your way. Mind that you don’t get stuck people pleasing to fit in or make yourself uncomfortable to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings. This might be a time when you want to reconsider how you escape or retreat into your own unconscious. If your brain is constantly ticking over or you find that your thoughts are clouding your brain, this can be an opportunity to retrain your inner workings and take back some control. Start journaling if this isn’t a part of your regular routine, getting your thoughts down on paper might help empty out the mind enough for you to see more clearly.


You’re more magnetic at work for the next few weeks, attracting favourable people or opportunities to you. You might find that you’re feeling a renewed love for the life path that you have chosen, or it might be that you discover a newfound passion for something that leads you somewhere new. The Mercury retrograde cycle could be asking you to put some of your friendships up for review. Are you feeling like the scales are evenly balanced in these relationships? If not, this can be the time to communicate the disparity, but stand firm and try not to appease the other party or you’ll only wind up in the same place you started. The retrograde might also see old friends popping back into your life, how big a role they might play is ultimately up to you.


If you can make an effort to broaden your horizons in the next few weeks, you might find yourself feeling more inspired or expanded at least. Influences that have an international flavour might sizzle on the taste buds and give you a little extra zest for life. This might also be a time to revaluate your career situation, set some new goals and contemplate where you would like to be in the future, both short term and long term. Finding the balance between what you do or are known for in the public arena and how you spend your time in a more private setting is important, if your goals can reflect this, you are winning. You might find that delays or miscommunications are likely at work with this Mercury retrograde, try to be as clear as possible in your communiques involving your career.  


Your belief systems might come into question over the next few weeks, not necessarily from an outside source but an internal one. You might find that you’re questioning what you think you know about the bigger picture points in life. This could be a time when you learn something new that blows the doors wide open and offers you the opportunity to expand your horizons. Even just sitting down and reflecting on what you believe and how that fits into your life can be clarifying and a little life-defining at the moment. You might receive some good news about your partner’s earning situation, perhaps a larger than expected income tax return. If you’ve been pondering taking out a loan or insurance policy, you might find that you are better able to get a good deal or perhaps the entire process is much easier than you thought it would be.


Strengthening the ties that bind with your life partner can make you feel lovey, warm, and generally gooey in the next few weeks. If you are without a partner-in-crime in your life currently, this can be a fabulous time to find someone of substance. It might seem that finding the person you want to share your life with is an all-consuming task at the moment, at the top of the agenda and honestly this is the best time all year for you to make such a connection. If you are dealing with any paperwork regarding your estate, inheritances, insurance policies, taxes or loans try to ensure that you are signed, sealed, and delivered before Mercury turns retrograde on the 9th of September. If this isn’t possible and you find yourself traversing such terrain during the retrograde, triple check everything before you sign on the dotted line. It might mean that you will have to redo or reapply once the cycle ends. Better to save yourself the hassle and try to get it right the first time.

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