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Astrology for April 25th to May 9th

All signs:

As the weather starts to change outside and we well and truly feel the autumnal shift, there is another shift taking place up in the sky above. A pile up of planets having been having a pool party in the sign of Pisces (try saying that 3 times fast) from the end of April. They then, slowly start to exit Pisces and shift into Aries from the beginning of May. For many, April has mostly felt like a time for daydreamy drifting, picturing what life could be, fantasizing about what you want for the future. Whereas the Aries vibes are more about the doing, getting stuck into projects that you have dreamt up through April and now you’ve got a fire in the belly to get going! Well, get going… as they say, “winter is coming”! There’s a solar eclipse taking place on May 1st that could really shake things up in certain areas in your life, ending and beginnings are signatures of eclipses when they come around. Keep reading to see how you might harness the power of planets. If you know your rising sign, start there first.


The last week of April might see you desperate for a little alone time, even a romantic retreat might be on the cards. If you have an artistic side, this is the time you might be visited by the muses and have new projects that you want to explore or start. New opportunities to earn money might pop in for you with the eclipse, or it might be a new idea or concept that you come across to manage your money. Early May your powers of persuasion are elevated, and you ooze charm, this happens only once a year, use it wisely.


Happy Birthday Taurus Sun! It’s time to shine and feel love from friends and the people in your community, whatever defines that for you. April sees out a time when your schedule might have been jam packed with catchups and unifying times with others. The caution is not to get too swept away with the crowd and be mindful of misinformation. If you’ve been looking for a fresh start or opportunity to re-vamp your routine around your health or appearance, early May is a great time for that. A fabulous time to plant seeds of intention or inception for starting something new.


Lots going on for you at work right now, expansion or ideas might be overflowing, opportunities for collaboration could also be coming up for you. Even if you aren’t working in a traditional sense, there is still the opportunity for you to succeed or grow in the area that you are known for, what do people know you for/as? A caution around the start of May is not to get caught up in too much self-indulgence, you know what they say, a moment on lips and lifetime on the hips! The eclipse might see you gain the ability to tackle some long-standing mental blocks or patterns, or even have yourself a spiritual awakening.


Topics relating to higher education, publishing and long-distance travel might be in the spotlight for you nearing the end of April. Deepening and expanding these areas of your life

might be something that you want to consider, moving on an idea or a feeling that has been rattling around for a while can see you make great gains over the next few weeks. New friends or community groups might be tied into this, an awakening or breathing new life into old ideals might come into play. I love this for you, very co-operative kind of feel coming up, almost like a preparation phase for what is to come later in May.


Gifts from others, inheritance, what you owe to others (like dept) and what other people owe you are highlighted for you in the month of April. Someone might offer you an opportunity that you didn’t think would come your way. Generosity from others and as well as what you can give to those in need play a role for you currently. I think of it like an opportunity to pay it forward, karma at it’s most basic. It seems everywhere you look, people are doing it tough, so perhaps if you find a little blessing given to you, find a way to bless someone else no matter how small. The May 1st eclipse might see some major shifts in your career path, the exciting new beginning that you might have been waiting for.


Dust off the John Paul Young, because love is in the air! Such a romantic time for you, or even just an uplifting time if you are without that special person in your world currently. The caution is not to get too swept away and lose your head. Changing or shifting paradigms, the pursuit of truth, exploring new ideas, a little bit of mysticism perhaps are themes that come to light for you this year. It could be that a person comes into your life this year that inspires you to chase these rabbits down their respective holes and see what sort of Wonderland you come across.


Your daily routine might feel like more of a grind these days, like there are not enough hours in the day. Be mindful of not becoming the martyr in this time, try to set some boundaries so that you don’t overdo it. There is an opportunity throughout April to expand your health routine, incorporate something new to aid in the healing your body or just revamp your current wellness routine. In May and even into June sees a time when you want to embrace your uniqueness and let go of the expectations and opinions of others. Know you limits and have firm boundaries around what you can and cannot give to people.


The ground is fertile and ready for planting in the month of April, it could be a literal situation of physical fertility, or it could be that your child is flourishing at something. If this doesn’t sound like your situation, it might be more about the birthing of new creative ideas, or artistic endeavour. If you have lost touch with some of the more joyous moments in life, reconnect, and indulge in some activities that fill your cup. The eclipse at the start of May might bring in swift changes in relationships for you, if you are in a relationship or partnership that isn’t working for you, if things have been on the rocks, this might signal a time of endings. If you’re single, this might indicate a time to seek something or someone new that you wouldn’t necessarily have gone for in the past.


The planetary configuration suggests that you might be doing a bit of zhuzhing around the house lately, or even trading up and getting into a bigger/nicer home. It’s springtime in the northern hemisphere so why not embrace it and give your place the Marie Kondo experience; if it doesn’t evoke joy, then you don’t need it. Maybe your family is expanding through marriage or birth. A new project that you put your hand to, might require some hard work or sacrifice, but you feel excited by this and are happy to jump in feet first and get going.


Thoughts, ideas, and networking with others could be topics that are abundant for you at this time. You might be able to effortlessly get your point across, or just find that words flow in conversing with others. If there is a writing project on the books, a blog, or a speech, maybe just an important presentation to make at work, this is a great time to express yourself through words. Relations with siblings might be fun and joyous at the end of April or the option to take a short trip may arise. Creativity, joy, and pleasure abound with the eclipse on the 1st of May. Eclipses in the area of your astrology chart that governs children have been known to bring about unexpected pregnancy, forewarned is forearmed, proceed how you wish!


Mind your spending! This might be a time when you have a penchant for spending more than you have. There could also be a scenario that sees more money coming in, or the ability to acquire more assets or resources. Don’t be tempted by lavish, extravagant items that don’t fit the current budget! Making smart, clever, well-thought-out decisions can help put you ahead, there could be real estate opportunities on the horizon. Renovations, extensions, buying or selling a home, or paying off your mortgage are all swirling around from the start of May. If these are things that you have been contemplating, the month of May could be the time to make your move.


Feeling inspired or the desire to start something new or even reinventing yourself could be motifs you’ve been experiencing of late. A new phase of your life might be blossoming, something as simple as updating your wardrobe might make you feel like a new version of yourself. You might have a new way of expressing yourself, a newfound confidence is making it possible for you to put yourself out there in a way that you haven’t been able to, especially in the past 12 months. Perhaps you have learned a new skill and you feel obliged to share it with the world, the singer Madonna was on to something with the simple phrase – express yourself.

Until next time, Jennifer Hart

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