Just sayin’…

January 17th, 2021Just sayin’…

IT'S been a funny couple of weeks. Mainly thanks to our readers. It started with an email after a reader noticed that Kyle's Rant had been truncated down to "I'm out, write your own rant here".

The reader, obviously a writer as well, said he had been thinking about us being weekly and that he could offer his skills to help out. And then he saw that Kyle was out and thought he would jump in and become our new ranter.

He even sent me a column to kick off the new year, which was very good, but unfortunately I can’t very well sack Kyle who, when he found out he was replaceable quickly decided he would jump back onto his column. See oppposite.
Another reader wrote in saying: “Hi Donna, The year that was. You and Kyle on the front cover and the goose with the s… paper making the wall at the lake was bloody brilliant. Thanks to The Local and all the staff, Robbo (cartoonist Glenn Robinson) included for getting us through the year. All the best.”
Now that was a really nice email to receive. And to think we helped people get through such a year, even in a small way, is very rewarding. But then I was thinking “Kyle and I on the front?”. The cover of the last edition was our Pick me pet Bingo the dog. Hmmm. Then it dawned on me, our nice reader was talking about the one prior with the cartoon of our Legends of Lockdown on the front. Hahaha. We would never call ourselves legends – but it is a very sweet thought.

And moving on to yet another reader, who we met while walking around Lake Daylesford. Let’s just call him Rodney, mostly because that’s his name. Rodney said he loved Kyle’s “I’m done” Rant and said he never bothered with the rest of The Local and just went straight to Kyle’s piece. He looked at me and quickly added “and your column” and then said we didn’t need to bother with the rest of the paper, just a front page, inside columns and a back page. Hmmm. What have we been doing with our time all those years? Any advertisers reading this, please note that Rodney is not to be trusted as the advertising guru. Readers love your adverts!
Anyway, it’s nice to receive the feedback. Thank you for putting fingers to keyboard. And what is also especially nice is to be printing/onlining (is that a word) events again. I was about to pull the plug on the free ones below, just because my call-outs were being answered by crickets, but we seem to be up and running again. Roll on 2021 and the vaccine.
Finally, a thought about lockdowns. My brother lives in Brisbane and I wrote to him when the three-day lockdown was happening, telling him to stay safe. Rick replied saying it was nothing compared to Victoria and all was well. I emailed last Tuesday asking “please don’t tell me you had an ‘end of lockdown’ party?”.
His reply: “It was awesome.” I hope he was kidding. Just sayin’…

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