Just sayin’…

February 14th, 2021Just sayin’…

IT'S Sunday morning, well, almost noon, and I have just decided to rewrite this column. I had one done and dusted but I thought about it overnight and decided it was too gloomy. And one thing we don't need right now is gloomy. So here are some more upbeat things and thoughts.

First up is the “lawyer cat”, pictured. That Zoom meeting must be the funniest of the past 12 months. Just when you thought nothing more could surprise you from Zoom or Facetime or Google Meet, a lawyer turns up with a cat filter and even says “I am not a cat”. I can watch that for hours. Well, minutes really but it is still funny.

I did go and look for the filter to use in my next VCPA meeting but apparently it is really old and can’t be found anymore. And let’s face it, like Bernie Sanders and his mittens, it will become passé pretty quickly.
Next up, today is Valentine’s Day. Now we don’t celebrate the day. As Kyle says: “We celebrate our love every day.” Which is either very sweet or just a way out of buying flowers. My only real Valentine gift arrived in my letterbox when I lived in Japan, more than 30 years ago. A good friend had gone to the city – we lived in the country – and returned with a much coveted McDonald’s burger and fries. I wasn’t home so he shoved them into my letterbox along with a little card with a heart on it. I discovered them about four hours later and yes, I ate the burger. The fries were a bit too soggy.

Kyle’s and my most memorable Valentine’s Day was when our Frankston home burnt down, well half of it. We battled to save the dogs, which we did, and then ended up in hospital in emergency. Our beds were separated but Kyle made such a fuss they moved things around so we could be side by side. Holding hands while sucking in oxygen. How romantic.
Finally, last week we had our first trip away in what seems like forever. Nothing amazing but a few days around Victoria, no plans, just wandering. It was really fun and lifted our spirits which, I must admit, have been a little down. We explored new places, had some great food, met interesting people and just wound down. It’s amazing how quickly you can relax and more amazing that we have held onto that feeling after coming back home and even going into this short lockdown.

It also made us decide to start some travel planning. I know that is difficult but everyone needs something to look forward to. So we are going online and making bookings, that can be refunded of course, to places we want to see and people we want to catch up with. On the list so far, and probably in this order, are New South Wales, Queensland, New Zealand and Japan. I know we are still in a pandemic but I think for our mental state, it’s time to start looking forward to life again. Just sayin’…

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