Just sayin’…

March 29th, 2021Just sayin’…

IT WAS March 11, 2020 when the World Health Organization (yes, spelt with a z because, well, I don't know - it's Swiss not American) finally called the pandemic.

And we were told a vaccine would take about a year. And it has. The roll-out is a little slower than expected but we are getting there. But it’s been a strange year. So I thought I would tap out some of the stranger things I have heard this past 12 months, mostly earlier on.

March 2020 – A pharmacist in Frankston when I called to see if they had any masks available for mum: “You don’t need one, they don’t help.”

March 2020 – A staffer in a supermarket in Woodend, as they looked around the store: “I don’t think it will come up here.”

March 2020 – A cruiseline staffer as we tried to get a refund on a trip planned for May to China, Japan and Hong Kong: “You don’t have to get off the ship in China.”

March 2020 – A radiologist in Ballarat about to do a mammogram: “I am sorry but we are not allowed to wear masks – we don’t want to panic people.”

March 2020: A doctor in Daylesford when I wore a mask even though we didn’t have to: “Why are you wearing that?”

April 2020 – A staffer in a supermarket in Daylesford: “I don’t believe in germs.”

May 2020 – An acquaintance in a carpark in Daylesford, as our advertisers continued to call to cancel adverts: “Why do you look so worried, it’s all going to be OK. I’m not worried and I have immune issues.”

July 2020: Kyle’s sister who lives in Port Macquarie, NSW: “There is nothing here. We all hug all the time. COVID schmovid.”

And then, a big break. Everyone realised COVID was real and here for a while and we just had to hold tight and wait for a vaccine. And we mostly did. So you would think the strange comments would have stopped, but no. I heard one last week that I never could have even imagined.

March 2021 – Walking past a Castlemaine cafe, three blokes at a table, one holding court: “No matter what workplace you are in, w..king on someone’s desk is never OK.” Strange but true. Just sayin’…

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