Just sayin’…

June 9th, 2022Just sayin’…

SO, DAYLESFORD is in the running for the Big Rainbow. Of just four towns. Daylesford, Hay, Katherine and Broome. I reckon we're a shoo- in.

SO, DAYLESFORD is in the running for the Big Rainbow. Of just four towns. Daylesford, Hay, Katherine and Broome. I reckon we’re a shoo- in.
Someone emailed me about it last week and then heaps of people emailed, texted and called about it – so everyone is pretty keen.
Well, not everyone, I guess. When marriage equality came in I emailed something to all our clients about the great news. One wrote back: “Not everyone is happy about this.” I think I wrote back: “Whatever.” And they don’t advertise any more. C’est la vie.
Anyway, the competition is being run by Tinder. And I needed an image so I Googled Tinder. Afterwards I had a thought and told Kyle I had done that. Just in case he saw my search history and wondered a bit. You know, the 27-year itch and all that.
Anyway, Tinder didn’t write back but someone from their PR company did and provided some great photos. He was really friendly and pleased that we were so keen to win. He wrote: “I hope all of Australia is rooting for Daylesford.” I thought that was either very appropriate or not appropriate at all for a Tinder event. Maybe Grindr will come up with something next year. The Big … – you can add your own word there.
When I was a kid we used to make the trek up to Queensland every few years. Driving, of course. Mum and Dad and a kid in the front and three kids in the back. Three day drive. What fun memories I have of those trips. Kids: “Get on your own side, this is my bit, don’t touch me, I’m telling on you.” Dad: “If I have to pull over…” Mum: “Who wants to play I-Spy?”
We usually went up the Newell but sometimes the coast and we would stop at the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour. It seemed huge at the time. We would take a train ride through the banana trees and have a huge banana ice-cream concoction with all sorts of fruit on top. Made a nice change from cordial out of the Thermos and soggy sandwiches made up in the motel room about 6am. Dad loved nothing more than an early start. Always parked the car in frontwards to keep the engine from freezing over.
Kyle and I took a road trip recently, maybe we are still on it, doesn’t matter, but we did drive past the Big Banana. It was tiny. We didn’t even stop.
I don’t know how big the Big Rainbow will be or where it would go. An entrance to the town I guess. Near the tip side? Nah. Near the housing development that will start soon near the Malmsbury Road? Nah. Near Vic Park? Nah.
I know, knock down The Rex, make it into a stage/outdoor cinema/park and place it there. Middle of Daylesford, easy access, nice to have somewhere to go and eat lunch. Watch a movie. Listen to a muso. You’re welcome.
I have also seen a lot about the Borealis event at Lake Daylesford. Happening over winter. Sounds great and only $25 a head but I don’t get how they stop people from just visiting the lake for a look for free. What about if you own a house on the lake? Do they put up shutters? Could you just glide across on a canoe? Sort of like asking people to pay for fireworks and if you don’t pay, don’t look up. Hmmm. I am sure they will work it out. Been around the world for the past few years so someone knows what they are doing.
Maybe the lake is a good spot for the Big Rainbow. Down by the bridge with all the love locks. There are hundreds there now. And it started with just two. One for Kyle and I, one for Rosie and Curly. It all has to start somewhere. Just sayin’…

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