Just sayin’…<br>By Donna Kelly

May 9th, 2022Just sayin’…
By Donna Kelly

GREAT news that the Daylesford Field & Game Club can return to its home at Glenlyon Reserve.

GREAT news that the Daylesford Field & Game Club can return to its home at Glenlyon Reserve.

Mind you, it’s taken three years of expensive tests after concerns were raised about lead contamination to find out the risk is “low and acceptable”.
Not sure who had the first concerns. Maybe someone new who moved into the area and didn’t like hearing gun shots once a month for a few hours? Maybe someone who had been around for a while and had grown tired of hearing gun shots once a month for a few hours.
We moved to Glenlyon 17 years ago and quite liked being woken up that first Saturday morning by shots being fired. How quaint and country, we thought. After all, when you hear gun shots when you are living in Frankston, someone is having a bad day.
And over the years we have done a few stories and photos of the club members, some of whom have competed internationally and done really well. So I felt quite sad when the signs went up in 2019 saying you couldn’t enter certain areas and lots of our bush walks were cordoned off. Of course, we could walk under the tape, but it also meant it wasn’t getting mown any more, and you know, summer and snakes.
Anyway, I hope they come back soon and we wake to the “serenity” knowing that a group of enthusiasts have their sport back. Oh, the cost of the reports so far is $275,535. That’s a lot but not as much as Kyle had told me but he has been known to embellish the truth. Really Kyle, WORDLE, in one out of six on the same day as me? I think not…
Still with the council and I am confused. That’s not hard though.
Anyway, I thought The Rex building was for sale after the council decided not to proceed with the Hepburn Hub idea in November last year.
And helping with my thought process, in early April this year Mayor Cr Tim Drylie told The Local that, in accordance with the Local Government Act, the November 2021 motion to cease the Hepburn Hub project and sell The Rex building could not be rescinded “as officers have commenced actioning it”.
Yet, the council on April 27 issued a media release with Cr Drylie saying the council wants to “consider community views before ultimately deciding to proceed or not with the sale”.
“While at this point, we don’t see a clear purpose for retaining The Rex, given the lack of finances to undertake any works at the site, if there is strong community support for using The Rex for a worthwhile and suitable purpose, we may be open to exploring alternate ideas,” Cr Drylie said.
So maybe keep The Rex?
But when I suggested that was a backflip, Cr Drylie said “the engagement launched refers to community engagement in relation to the sale”.
“The November motion of council cannot be rescinded because it has been enacted on in accordance with the Local Government Act. The motion ceased the Hepburn Hub project (Council offices, library, cinema and co-working space).
“Council in November asked the CEO to undertake a process to sell the asset (The Rex building), and as part of this process community consultation on the sale needs to occur. This is not a backflip on any previous decision, but a requirement of the Local Government Act to undertake community engagement given the proposed sale.”
So sell?
But then: “Council will consider, following the community consultation, whether to proceed with the sale of the building or not at the June or July meeting.”
So maybe keep? Told you I was confused.
Finally, I read that Neighbours is coming to an end and Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will be making an appearance on the last episode.
I haven’t heard yet, but I do expect a call soon, for my final appearance. Not many people know but I was on Neighbours. Yep, about 30 years ago. A friend from the UK had turned up and all he wanted to do was to head to Pin Oak Court in Vermont South aka Ramsay Street. So we arrived, wandered around and then watched as everyone turned up to start filming. Street barricades were set up but we were inside them, if you know what I mean. We even met Bouncer.
About six months later, Paul called from London to say he had just watched an episode which included us wandering across the court. Not bad. No audition and obviously we looked very natural. If I get the call, I’ll let you know. Just sayin’…

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