Kyle’s Rant

November 29th, 2020Kyle’s Rant

ANOTHER year is ending, the hint of Christmas is in the air. I can tell by all the sales emails that are pinging into my inbox. What is this Black Friday rubbish that keeps hitting my spam account?

Black Friday has nothing to do with Australia but, like bunch of shopping sheep, Australians are now part of the whole Christmas procurement picture, following American dreams like Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the US, the day regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season for the Yanks, not us.
Australia doesn’t exactly have a history rich in Pilgrim fathers and pardoning turkeys, we have our own history and milestones to remember, so let’s give back the stupid Black Friday sales and clean up our inboxes.
Speaking of pardoning turkeys, this is something the President of America does every year. They wrestle a huge, white feathered turkey onto a podium with hundreds of cameras pointed at it, frightening the life out of the poor fowl, I imagine. Then it is approached by something that looks remarkably similar and certainly comparable in intelligence aka Trump (or is that being rude to the turkey?) and the poor creature is told it gets to live another year. Or at least until the media circus is gone.

Speaking about the end of the year, we are getting close to that point in about four weeks when it is time to reflect on what you liked from the year. And let’s face it, it is 2020 so the list is not exactly long.
For me, one of the things that I have had to battle with is technology and this is because we embarked the year with a clear objective here at TL HQ and that was to make our editorial flow into multiple channels to keep up with the digital age and complement our print magazine.
Granted, around the middle of March our plans were hosed down for a week or two while we rocked in the corner blowing bubbles, trying to figure out the way forward, however we stuck to our commitment and now are up to speed with the digital world. For those reading this, it means you have multiple opportunities to read, listen and engage with our editorial.

You can jump on our Podcast, check out regular posts on Instagram and Facebook and not only read the online magazine but get spoon-fed the featured stories. Then there is the real estate feed – live listing all local properties as they come on the market in real time. All available through our new website www.tlnews.com.au
You’re welcome, turkey and blatant plug rant over…
(Ed’s note: Hmmm. Who bought Rodd & Gunn shorts online on Friday?)

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