Kyle’s Rant

December 20th, 2020Kyle’s Rant

I DON'T have a lot to add to these Christmas festivities except “we don’t know how lucky we are mate” - that is, us living in the land down under compared to the Northern Hemisphere.

I googled some sentiments around this statement and came up with a cracker song by Fred Dagg. He was a fictional black singlet, shorts and gumboot-wearing farmer character from New Zealand. Created and acted on stage, film and television by satirist John Clarke. (Do yourself a favour and Google this.)
While going down the virtual Google rabbit hole I found another song by the same character, Mr Dagg, and it goes to the tune of We Three Kings. It is more grumbled along to by a set of blokes than sung, but it is my offering to your Christmas collection of merriment.

We three Kings of Orient are
One on a tractor, two in a car
One on a scooter
Tooting his hooter
Following yonder star

Oh, oh
Star of wonder
Star of light
Star of bewdy, she’ll be right
Star of glory, that’s the story
Following yonder star…

Happy grumbling and a happier Christmas rant over…

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