Kyle’s Rant

February 14th, 2021Kyle’s Rant

AS YOU are probably aware, unless you have been under a rock somewhere, we have had another couple of recent slip-ups from the hotel quarantine.

Anyway I am here to catch you up. I suppose the guards can be forgiven for letting a nebuliser slip through the dragnet that is our hotel quarantine, and for those of us that wonder what such a machine does, I have done the research for you.

A nebuliser is a machine used to change liquid medication into a vapour that you can inhale. It works by pumping pressurised air through the liquid to form a fine mist, which can then be breathed in through a mask or mouthpiece.
That is, it pushes air through the liquid, which can include COVID-19 droplets, and vaporises it, so as the bug can hang around in small air particles for much longer than normal, so one and all can have a chance to inhale it. WTH.
It beggars belief that after all this time, hard work and getting protocols in place one year after this all began, the dimwits who are largely responsible for the health of the country are still slipping up in such a big way.
And then there is the tracing and tracking, which I am led to believe is “gold standard” which is great because the guards who are out and about after their shift are certainly out and about. One guard’s movements looked something like a mailman’s run at Christmas time.

They went everywhere. I cannot even think of the last time I went to a bank. This particular individual went to two different banks on the one day and then there are the two visits to Dan Murphy’s and one visit to the Thirsty Camel – all on the same day. Can’t these guys just settle for a reasonable priced bottle of chardonnay and some online banking at the end of their day?
The last word on the subject is “airflow”. It seems a no-brainer that you are more likely to catch or spread a bug in a hotel with little or low airflow. The bug doesn’t seem to live long out in the sun, so maybe give some of these poor iso-bunnies a balcony with air and sunshine.
It’s like if you have ever walked into a teenager’s room after they have a sleep-in. The fart-imbued air knocks you off your feet and I imagine it is the same with this bug.

Open up an airless room with a family of four hunkered down together and you will get a sudden release of the bug and I imagine probably get the fart cloud on top.
I am not a scientist, despite all I espouse, however I am a thinking human, and when the WHO declared masks were a no-goer, I was running around the supermarket with an N95 strapped to my nozzle.
I figured the WHO was simply trying to conserve PPE gear. In the same fashion that these iso-bunnies are thrown into an airless cell of a hotel, it is just a matter of bureaucratism catching up with science.
And now you are caught up, rant over…

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