Kyle’s Rant

February 14th, 2021Kyle’s Rant

THIS year I find myself dragging my feet. I am technically challenged once again and feel like my cobwebbed brain is just not keeping up.

I seem to have a bit on at the moment, with Google’s recent training session, which is basically a couple of ex-journos who work for Google, gathering around a Zoom call with a bunch of journalists, some dinosaurs, trying to teach us how to operate all the tools in the fun-time Google garden shed.
And then there is the podcast, which started off as a field microphone and quickly expanded, as all the journos at TL HQ wanted to be in on the podcast action.

Now it seems it is a lot of work for our 500-odd listeners to bring them our interviews edited and all for free.
So to make it worth our while I would like to ask a few more people to “lend me their ears” as we rock the airwaves here at TL HQ. Just go to our website at www.tlnews.com.au or, just over to the right, you will see a QR code and we all know by now what to do with those.
The other thing that has made my brain smoke is the new website. It has really made the gears turn. Not that I had to develop it, it was a brainchild of the whole team, but now it is working we have to populate it. Which I hadn’t really thought of at its conception. Mind you, it does have an automatic local property listing so as local real estate agents list or sell properties, it picks up that information and displays it through our portal (pretty impressive).
It also boasts editorial from the eight years that The Local has been pumping them out, but this rant is now sounding like an advertising spiel and it was not meant to go that way. It was simply meant to explain my brain fuzz but since I have your attention, get on the bloody website and have a look around at all our hard work!

It also seems to me that a few years ago I would have met these Olympic-sized mental challenges head-on but nowadays it takes a lot longer to digest, especially when they are piled on my usual workload, and there I go again.
The other day I went to the hairdresser, a lovely fresh young local woman runs the joint, and she asked in her welcoming manner “how’s it going”. My eyes simply turned to the mirror in front of me to see this old looking fun-sponge of a guy in front of me. I thought for a second – was it a rhetorical question? Was she really interested in how I was going or my pearls of wisdom and nuggets of circumspect philosophy I am able to drop at a moment’s notice?
But I really think she was just being polite. Feeling old rant over…

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