Kyle’s Rant

August 9th, 2020Kyle’s Rant

A SOVEREIGN citizen is someone who believes that he or she is above all laws and a member of a political movement of people who oppose taxation, question the legitimacy of government and believe that they are not subject to the law.

So, in regards to the questioning bit, that makes me a sort of sovereign citizen too. I am forever questioning the legitimacy of what all levels of government are legislating. You just have to look at my views on #geesegate, Local Law No. 2, The Rex and whether our local governments have invested large amounts of capital in wheel alignment companies with their road repair schemes, or lack of.
But enough about me and more about WHO (World Health Organisation) or the government or wherever the mainstream media is getting its messaging from, let’s just call them “they”, as in “they said”. Now, call me a nut-job but I think there is some sort of weird political shenanigans type of agenda going on with the messaging that “they” are giving us.
It may surprise you to know I am not a scientist, but I do know a couple of common sense things about nature. This bug is not magic, it has no legs and can’t jump – it is transferred through water particles and it can land on surfaces and be spread that way. So, I must question “their” stance on face masks back in the midst of the pandemic when the position was that we didn’t need one with the message now being we have to all wear one, at least in Victoria. And probably New South Wales soon enough
I always wore a mask while shopping or anywhere indoors apart from home. My reasoning was spittle. As anyone who has been to an Aperitif or drinks in the late afternoon and watched people in the sunlight talking, there is spittle everywhere. So, I have to call into question why they took that stance and the answer was simple, because we got caught with our pants down and didn’t have enough masks, and now that we do “they” have changed their message.
The latest statements around the vaccine are saying that we may never see a vaccine yet the Oxford studies, as well as plethora of other organisations around the world have been producing positive results, so positive that billions of vaccines have been pre-bought.
So, should we trust the message or is their actual message like the face masks, a kind of suppression message to keep the idiots in line so as they can get their ducks in, well you know.
Conspiracy and well above my pay grade rant over…

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