Kyle’s Rant

December 25th, 2022Kyle’s Rant

JULY 20 1969, 3.17pm American EST, a huge shift in human history began. Neil and his band of merry men landed on the big cheese.

JULY 20 1969, 3.17pm American EST, a huge shift in human history began. Neil and his band of merry men landed on the big cheese.
Of course, I am talking about the moon landing, which quickly drove conspiracy theories and speculation
that this event was staged in a movie set.
Did the crew not like the aliens they bumped into up there, was this just a ruse to beat the Russian’s attempts to land on the rock? I wasn’t even two years old, so the landing made less than no difference to me.
Besides, my family was in the thick of the Jehovah’s Witness religion movement with my grandfather one of the head preachers in the congregation. So my world was chock-full of fear and probably had no room for that sot of chitter-chatter around the dinner table.
This amazing feat of man should really be unacknowledged because it seemed to
lead nowhere. Where are the moon hotels and moon amusement parks and moon
shuttles we grew up expecting? “They” say that as a result of the moon exploration
Teflon was invented, however it only takes a couple of mouse clicks to know that Roy
J. Plunkett accidentally discovered it at the DuPont Company’s Jackson Laboratory
in 1938 before it was widely banned in 2014.
“They” also say the microwave was an invention which came out of our walk on
the moon. But again, just a quick couple of clicks on Google reveals an American
engineer, Percy Spencer, is generally credited with inventing the modern microwave
oven. It was after WWII, and advances in radar technology, when he noticed that a
block of butter would melt when placed next to the radar.
So, what was the point of the moon exercise? And did it really happen? I am not a
conspiracy theorist and don’t waste my time with speculation but I do have to wonder
why after 50 years of radio silence are we bothering to head back up? Especially when
the best we can come up with, and not even land, is sending three mannequins – Helga, Zohar, and Moonikin Campos.
Why has it taken so long, what is the purpose and did the Apollo 17 actually land
50 years ago? These are the head-scratching questions I would like to get answered.
And are we now technologically qualified to tackle the rigours of space travel?
Another theory I heard was that “they” finally reverse-engineered something for
Area 51’s Aladdin’s cave of alienware. I’ll leave you with that to think about, or not.
And that’s my last rant for 2022. I hope 2023 will be better than the last dumpster fire of a year and I hope the weather finally improves and the visitors return to our area.
The not-so-good oil on the weather front, according to most models, is La Nina
has a 90 per cent likelihood of remaining in place over the next three months.
And looking further into the future, this outlook suggests that El Nino becomes
the most likely state for next winter, hopefully a return to business as usual.
Stay safe, enjoy your family and friends and remember to breathe shallow and
Moon rant over…

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