Local Lines

February 14th, 2021Local Lines

Big ears and noddies

Big ears and noddies

If you listen for long enough, you’re sure to hear
the sounds of gossips, white-ants at their toil.
Some demon feeds these advocates on fear,
the type of fear that boils your truth in oil.

Ruthless big ears interpret your little life
with boiled-up bits of truth in cooked-up codes,
with wide-eyed exclamations, bitter lies,
and dramatic shaded whispers, conspiracy mode.

Many big ears are tuned to every body,
picking up the vibes of human flaws
like spies abroad, and bringing it home to a noddy
who nods and nods between excited calls.

This is the game that big ears and noddies play,
like ASIO on your computer, seizing your day.

James Baillie

James Baillie lives in Glenlyon and runs a business called The Arthritis Man. He has been writing rhythm and rhyme as a hobby since age 11.

Local Lines comes mainly from a group of local poets but other submissions are always welcome. To have a poem considered for publication contact Bill Wootton at cottlesbreedge@gmail.com

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