Local Lines

April 14th, 2021Local Lines

Imagine being surrounded all the time

like fish
always wet
like tinnitus
that buzz that buzzes
all the time
when you think about it

tinnitus goes away
only when you don’t think about it
fish like trout go away
from wet
when they jump
but they have to think about it
(if indeed they do think)
and wet better not
be too far away

fish are probably not conscious
of being wet all the time
mid-leap they take just enough wet
with them
tinnitus sufferers are not always conscious
of peripheral buzz

but when it is not there
it still is
it is just that the brain has leapt
somewhere else

Bill Wootton

Bill Wootton lives in Hepburn Springs which is not to blame. He brought the buzz with him from Cottles Bridge and Ivanhoe.

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