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August 17th, 2020Local Lines

Local Lines

Ode to Our Farmers

It is the Day before Christmas,
I’ve been sitting and thinking;
The weather’s been Cruel,
It’s been hot, dry and stinking.

Vast tracts of Australia,
Have been stricken with drought;
With all the farmers’ hard work,
Has it all been for nowt?

With the price of water and feed,
Getting scarce, going up and still risin’,
There appears to be little hope,
Any time soon, on the horizon.

But farmers on the whole,
Are a tough and hardy bunch;
They’ll dig in their heels
And wait for the crunch.

But it’s not only them,
That are doing it tough;
The businesses in small towns,
Are also doing it rough.

So spare them a thought,
Whilst gathered around your tree;
Unwrapping your presents,
Full of food, laughter and glee.

What can we do,
How can we give them a hand;
All our hard working farmers,
Trying to survive, working the land.

Maybe that overseas trip,
We could delay or forego;
Travel into the outback;
Stop frequently, observe and go slow.

Stop and look in the shops,
Spend a little and spread some good cheer;
Leave a little something extra,
So they can shout a local, a coffee or beer.

It’s the little gestures,
The goodwill, that all count;
If enough of us do it,
The numbers with depression won’t mount.

C’mon, let’s all band together,
So our farmers can continue to toil;
For this is what feeds us,
From Australia’s harsh climate and soil.

  • Gary Wilkinson 2019

Gary is married to Kerrie with two children and four beautiful grandchildren. He and his family have lived in the region for around 25 years and run a small Angus Stud in Blampied called Kyah Park Angus.

Poems for Local Lines come predominantly from a group of poets. However, other locals who would like a poem considered for publication can contact Bill Wootton – cottlesbreedge@gmail.com

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