Local Lines

July 21st, 2022Local Lines

Local Lines


Take five
by four
The Dave Brubeck Quartet
Take a moment
to ease down and recharge

Take five cents
the Australian echidna clad coin
the American Jefferson nickel
the full digital complement of foot
hand and starfish appendage

Take the back number
for gliding Nathan Buckley
titanic Gary Ablett
and nifty Neville Crowe
the old Tiger warrior

Take the Roman V
the poker hand
win or lose
the end of the working day
the o’clock shadow

Take a high five
a star quality hotel room
you can’t afford
the only Fibonacci number
equal to its position

Take the only prime
that is the sum
of two consecutive primes
the most destructive
hurricane category
Take the trad number of senses
the faces of Shiva
the Pillars of Islam
the books of Moses
the Olympic rings

Take the Jackson
the Dave Clark
the Furious sidekicks
of Grandmaster Flash
the Famous

Take the time in seconds
as a rule of thumb
for edible dropped food
the Thunderbirds Space Station
the feet in iambic pentameter

The Slaughterhouse
the cadre of US

-Bill Wootton

Bill just remembered Five Years by David Bowie but it missed the cut here.

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