Local Lines

November 29th, 2020Local Lines


It is what it is,
and was what it was,
None of it makes sense
and that’s just because.

I can’t tell you why.
I really don’t know.
Is it just because,
or is it just so?

No need to worry
if it’s right or it’s wrong,
just heed these few words,
don’t ponder too long.

For if you don’t know,
there was never a doubt.
It’s just one of those things
to make you think about.

I’ve now said enough,
I won’t give it away.
It’s not mine to tell,
so I really can’t say.

  • Gary Wilkinson

Gary is married to Kerrie with two children and four beautiful grandchildren. He and his family have lived in the region for around 25 years and run a small Angus Stud in Blampied called Kyah Park Angus.

If you would like a poem considered for publication, contact Bill Wootton – cottlesbreedge@gmail.com

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