Love of all things fishing leads to kids’ club

November 4th, 2020Love of all things fishing leads to kids’ club

FINN Masuda is seven years old and loves fishing. His parents Hiroshi and Meaghan have a video of him, not much more than one year old, trying to take the rod off his dad and have a go by himself.

“When it comes to fishing he has patience and focus like no other kid,” says Meaghan.
“It didn’t matter if he wasn’t catching anything, he could just be on the banks of the river with his dad all day without getting bored.”
There are many places around the region where fresh- water scaly critters can be found such as Lake Daylesford, Jubilee Lake, Wombat Reservoir, Bullarto Reservoir and many more. Finn has tried them all and has caught trout, redfin, carp and tench. Some have been so big he has had to call his dad over to help land them.
“I have been fishing for a long time,” says Finn, “and it’s a great thing pulling out big fish and eating them. My favourite style of fishing is lure fishing because it is more exciting to catch with a lure and more of a challenge.”

Finn is also keen to pass his enthusiasm on to other people and three months ago he started up a YouTube channel called Tailfinn. There, on regular posts, he discusses the lures he uses, his favourite fishing spots, the biggest fish he has caught and even how to cook them. Finn now also has a Facebook page, Daylesford Kids Fishing Club, and has just started holding lessons at Lake Daylesford for anyone interested in learning how to fish.
“I love fishing and I wanted other people to experience that, to enjoy a different pastime and try something different. I feel really good about teaching people about it. The first thing I teach is how to cast because that can be a little bit hard at first. The second thing is to know how to tie a knot to put a sinker or lure on your line.”
The Daylesford Kids Fishing Club is an idea whose time has really arrived. Interest has been strong and the Victorian Fishing Authority has even been providing resources such as information on recreational fishing and licences. So, the main problem is not folks turning up to get a lesson or learning the rules, but having the equipment to begin with, as Meaghan explains.
“Many people are glad to have an opportunity to fish but many don’t have the gear and so we have been putting the word out for donations or spare equipment. If anyone has any items sitting in the shed unused, then bring it to the club so people can have a try.”
For those wishing to donate their old fishing tackle or find out about the next lesson, go to Daylesford Kids Fishing Club Facebook page or email info@tailfinn.com.au

Words: Tony Sawrey | Image: Contributed

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