Loving the locks at            Lake Daylesford

January 23rd, 2021Loving the locks at Lake Daylesford

"SHE said yes!", is inscribed in one of the many lovelocks starting to take over the spillway bridge outside the historic change rooms at Lake Daylesford.

The locks first appeared there in March 2014, reported on by The Local.
Now there are almost 250 of all shapes and sizes running across the bridge – gaining interest from wandering locals and visitors.
Love locks, or love padlocks, are a phenomenon which took off around the world in 2000.

Sweethearts, friends or family use the locks to symbolise their love, often writing or engraving their names on the lock and then throwing the keys into the water – so the locks can never be undone.
One of the most famous lovelocks bridges is the Pont des Arts, a footbridge in Paris which crosses the Seine River. In 2018 36 tonnes of padlocks were removed to stop the bridge collapsing.

In Australia, locks of love can be found at the Mt Keira lookout near Wollongong, on bridges across the Yarra River in Melbourne and on the University Footbridge over the River Torrens in Adelaide.
Words: Donna Kelly | Image: Kyle Barnes

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