Magical birds, joyful singing & art exhibits

March 31st, 2023Magical birds, joyful singing & art exhibits

DAYLESFORD artist and musician Vanessa Craven has just published a children’s colour picture song book, Birds in My Tree: The Magic of Birds and the Joy of Singing.

DAYLESFORD artist and musician Vanessa Craven has just published a children’s colour picture song book, Birds in My Tree: The Magic of Birds and the Joy of Singing.
“The Covid-19 lockdowns created a ‘stay-at home’ world in which I began to interact with the birds in my garden and in the bush around me,” she says.
“Several photographs of these wonderful feathered friends and a new song that I was moved to write, combined together to provide material for my children’s book, Birds in my Tree: The Magic of Birds and the Joy of Singing.

“It is a colourful picture songbook on birds. Their antics and their individual
characteristics play an important part in the lyrics of the song. Each birdcall is a live
recording at the end of each verse pertaining to the bird.
“This book is an interactive tool for teaching kids about the different bird varieties
and their birdcalls, and inviting kids to recognise and have fun with mimicking. A
QR code and a YouTube link give free access to the live performance of the song,
Birds in My Tree.”
Vanessa said the “picture, music book and teaching tool” was filled with colourful
bird photographs, lyrics, guitar chords and music notation at the back of the book.
“It provides children, parents and teachers with an audio-visual experience and
an opportunity to learn about different birds, their birdcalls and learn a new song as
well. It allows for creativity and experimentation with creating bird sounds, flapping
wings, strutting about and having fun singing together.
“The book invites the reader to let their hair down and be part of a bird’s life and
enjoy interacting with them and embrace their quirkiness. It invites the reader to sing
or recite the lyrics in the book.
“I hope the book brings much joy and appreciation of our flighty feathered
friends. May their quirky personalities, bird sounds, photographs and the song
enlighten and enliven the imaginations of ‘little folk’, aged 4 to 7 years of age.
“I hope it gives them a love for nature, leading them to a sense and desire to
treasure, nurture and protect wildlife; to grow up and be advocates for protecting our
ever-diminishing wildlife and their habitats; to spend more time in the fresh air and
not lose the art of connectedness to earth, and nature.”
Originally from the foothills of the Himalayas in India, Vanessa made the move
to Daylesford from Melbourne and has built an eco-friendly house with her partner
and enjoys living in this beautiful area.
She is a singer/songwriter by profession, and has three CDs, two of which have
original tracks which won awards from the Australian Songwriters Association.
Her music is folk, blues, alt-country, pop and Latin. She has three bands, Lunar
Dust, Lake Mist and Sugar ’n’ Spice and plays music in a variety of settings including
folk & blues festivals such as Newport, Denny Blues and Roots, Newstead, Maldon
and the Girgarre Moosic Muster along with performing at pubs, clubs, art galleries
and special occasions.
“Music, art, photography and writing are my loves. My music reflects the Himalayas, Ganges to right here with the Murray River. My photography captures poignant moments and moods in flora, fauna and landscapes, some published in Birdlife Australia. My artistic flair stems from my observations of nature, life and living. I love letting the paint and ideas run freely together to create ‘something’. I am mostly self taught.”
Easter pop-up art exhibition
Vanessa is also a member of DRAC, the Daylesford Regional Arts Cooperative,
and will join its Easter Pop-Up Art Exhibition at 94 Vincent Street (next to the post
office) and be signing her book on Saturday, April 8 from 11am to 2pm.
Artworks from 10 local artists will be available for viewing and purchase with
media including paintings, tapestries, collage, printmaking and timber homewares.
The exhibition is open Friday, April 7, 10am-4pm, Saturday, April 8, 10am-4pm,
Sunday April 9, 10am-4pm and Monday, April 10, 10am-2pm.
Exhibition details: Sandy Angliss – sandyangliss@bigpond.com
Book links: www.vircravenbirdsongbook.com
Song link: https://youtu.be/IVMNggnhpiA
Words: Donna Kelly | Image: Kyle Barnes

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