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July 17th, 2022New director

The Mount Players are currently in rehearsal for its third show for 2022, Reservoir Dogs, due to open August 19.
Meanwhile auditions are scheduled for its fourth show in November and the Players have welcomed new director, Vicki Smith, to bring her own creative touch to the acclaimed Australian drama, When The Rain Stops Falling by Andrew Bovell.
Bovell is a well-known playwright having written the play Speaking in Tongues which was the basis for the successful film Lantana and he also co-wrote the screenplay for Strictly Ballroom.
Vicki, now based in Trentham, has been involved in theatre for 40 years both in Perth and Melbourne and in many capacities. She originally started out as an actor but when she moved to Melbourne around 20 years ago, she was given the opportunity to direct.
She has staged many successful productions, from classic to modern, across a number of theatre groups in Melbourne.
While Vicki has loved some of the period plays she has directed with realistic and detailed sets and beautiful costumes, she enjoys the challenge of staging modern pieces with a minimal set and limited furniture and props. Such will be the case with this production.
When the Rain Stops Falling is told through the interconnected stories of two families spanning four generations of dysfunction in a lineage of secrets, abandonment, and searching for answers.
It travels backwards and forwards through time as each generation struggles to come to terms with family, legacy, abandonment and betrayal, inherited secrets, and the search for connection and forgiveness. It starts with a prediction in London in 1959 and ends in Australia eighty years later.
Vicki will be conducting auditions on July 23 and 24 for eight roles of various ages. Rehearsals will commence in August with performance dates of November 4-20.
Details and tickets: www.themountplayers.com

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