New Year’s Eve gala and parade in Daylesford

December 23rd, 2023New Year’s Eve gala and parade in Daylesford

December 31 means just one thing to many people in Daylesford and Hepburn - the New Year's Eve Parade and Gala.

December 31 means just one thing to many people in Daylesford and Hepburn – the New Year’s Eve Parade and Gala.

And no wonder – committee president Cathy Davies has been doing some research and believes the parade goes back to 1914.

Cathy said the evening will be divided into two parts starting with the Gala from 6pm to 8pm – which sees Vincent Street transformed into a huge fun community area.

Up the southern end, think Frangos, there is live music with a blues band, food trucks, barbeque and plenty of tables and chairs. Next door is the “soft area” with the astroturf laid covered with bean bags, deck chairs, small tables and big games like noughts & crosses and jigsaws.

It’s the place for families to come and sit around and chat about the year that was while the kids play games. Big pots of flowers, created by the Friends of Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens, will provide a festive feel.

Keep heading north and you will find yourself in the woodchop area – where the woodchoppers will show off their expertise with an exhibition for an hour or so.

If that’s not enough, head further north, think Coles way, and that’s the Kids’ Corner with a petting zoo, face painting and fire trucks. Old fashioned games include coconut shy, quoits and pin the tail on the donkey. There’s also balloon creatures and craft on offer.

By 8pm the floats – walking and motorised, historic vehicles, fire trucks and everything in between, will have found their spot in Duke Street, and the always colourful parade gets underway.

The festivities finish with the Daylesford Community Brass Band playing a few tunes, ending with tearjerker Auld Lang Syne, before parade prizes are presented.

Cathy said the committee was hoping many people would register floats, with a special Hepburn Wind Sustainability Award for the best walking/sustainability float on offer, by December 30.

To register with a hard copy head to the Daylesford Regional Visitor Information Centre or for an online copy email tracey.petrie@gmail.com

See you there to farewell 2023!

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