On song with big dreams

August 1st, 2022On song with big dreams

Twenty-year-old Atticus Punt-Trethewey is close to releasing his first EP while also organising a live music event in Daylesford, AltWave, with a group of fellow college students. An event by young people for young people.

Twenty-year-old Atticus Punt-Trethewey is close to releasing his first EP while also organising a live music event in Daylesford, AltWave, with a group of fellow college students. An event by young people for young people.
Amazing achievements for someone who initially thought he would have a career in science.
“I had been interested in pursuing the arts for a long time, since I was maybe 10 or 11, before I actually decided I wanted a career in the industry. Growing up, I had always aspired to work in the field of science, and at school, I always saw the arts as a fun side-activity that I did when I wasn’t in maths or science class,” he said.
“It wasn’t really until the start of last year that I reconsidered my path in life and began studying to be a music producer.”
Atticus was born in Sydney and moved to the Central Highlands six years ago. He went to school in Macedon and recalls the lack of options for teenagers like himself.
“The truth is that I didn’t really spend that much time in Daylesford in my teenage years, since I went to school in Macedon, and I didn’t have any friends that lived in the local area. On top of that, there wasn’t really much incentive for me to go into town, since it lacks a dedicated youth space, which is something we’re hoping to help remedy with AltWave,” he said.
Atticus is currently studying music production at the Australian College of The Arts (Collarts). “I had planned to do a course in space science but I didn’t get the required ATAR. I needed to do a bridging course at Federation University. However, over the course of 2020 I lost interest in science, and started experimenting with GarageBand on my laptop, making original works and co-writing with my sister.”
“At the start of 2021, I decided it might be worth looking around at some arts courses, and started with Collarts, as one of my friends had gone there.
“Even though I had been using GarageBand for the past year, the whole world of music production was still very new and mysterious to me, so I wanted to immerse myself in a community that was knowledgeable and passionate about it, and on that, Collarts certainly delivered.”
Under the stage name ÆTICUS, Atticus is set to release his debut EP this year.
His professional bio describes his music as: “Punt-Trethewey blends moody, downtempo electronic beats with emotional, singer/songwriter lyricism to create atmospheric, introspective tracks that evoke a sense of deep pain and longing.”
Atticus is working collectively with fellow students for the AltWave event and said if not for a local community group, it wouldn’t have been possible.
“I’m actually really lucky here, as I’ve had the support of both Fiona Robson’s group and that of Collarts.” (Former Hepburn Shire councillor and mother of two Fiona Robson started a Community Support Network to initially focus on supporting young people.)
“We’re organising this event as part of a unit called Group Project, where students from across multiple degrees get together with the help and expertise of the teachers to basically do anything they want. In the past, people have made films, held exhibitions, and have indeed put on live events as we intend to.
“When I met with the local group in the week before this trimester started, I put to them that we could potentially organise a local live event with the help of some Collarts students through the group project class, and they thought it was a great idea. So far, it’s been a great collaborative experience.”
AltWave is being supported by a range of local groups and individuals. Hepburn Region Blue Light and Daylesford Community Op Shop are major supporters with sponsorship from Daylesford Foundation and the Rotary Club of Daylesford. Daylesford College Band will perform alongside The Trentham Trio.
The town hall has been made available by Hepburn Shire Council and will include the use of sound and lighting equipment.
Besides planning a local event to hopefully inspire teenagers locally, Atticus is hoping to work and co-write with other artists in the future, pursuing a career in music and the arts all the while being a role model for regional kids who dream big.
AltWave will be held at the Daylesford Town Hall on Saturday, August 13 from 3pm to 7pm. Entry is by donation with proceeds going to local youth mental health initiatives. Words: Narelle Groenhout | Image: Contributed

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