Powering through the storm

August 3rd, 2022Powering through the storm

Over the past couple of years, many people have done it tough, especially when it comes to a reliable power supply.

Over the past couple of years, many people have done it tough, especially when it comes to a reliable power supply.
And none have been more in the thick of it than Fells Powerline & Electrical owner Jamie Grant and his team.
Jamie is at the helm of a company that has been servicing the community for 76 years and have literally weathered the storm, helping people with backup power supplies, solar systems and all forms of domestic and commercial electrical issues.
“We have all had a couple of tough years and we have been lucky to come through as strong as ever, keeping everyone employed and helping people through those tough times. And while our commercial and domestic business keeps us mostly in Hepburn Shire, with our powerline business, connecting new homes, we could be anywhere in the state.
“We are lucky to have eight electricians on the road and two in the office, that’s our strength, the weight of our numbers.”
Jamie said over the past few years, his business had seen a real uptake in solar systems and backup generators and solar systems with people wanting to rely as little as possible on the grid.
The great thing now, he says, is that the state government is offering solar system grants, picking up a portion of the cost of installation. And there is no need for cash up-front with many payment plan options. Hepburn Shire Council is working with local businesses to repay the shortfall through their quarterly rates notices. A win-win for the environment, lower electricity bills and the ability to have a backup system if the grid is needed and fails.
“And we are able to help people with all the paperwork involved with the government grants and solar systems. If someone comes to our depot or sends us an email we can handle the whole process from start to finish. Just keeps it very easy, a one-stop shop. We have already helped a number of people slash their energy bills.”
Jamie said there were three types of systems available, and his team were happy to chat with clients about which one would work for their lifestyle or workplace.
The only restriction on installing a solar system is when a roof is very old and not strong enough to hold solar panels, but then they can be placed on nearby sheds or even be ground-mounted. From first chat to installation is about six weeks with two of those taken up with the grant process and another four for scoping the work, ordering material and completing the job.
Jamie said solar systems had really taken off with people looking for alternatives because of soaring energy costs, the environment and being able to disconnect from the grid. “If people are keen, they should call us and we can come and do a site visit and talk about what they want to install. At that point there is no charge. And then we start looking at what size system you need and which system you want. It really is a fuss-free operation.”
Fells Powerline & Electrical is at 2 Knox Street, Daylesford.
Phone: 5348 2492 | Mobile: 0434 357 882 | admin@fellselectrical.com

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